【bjyx】(Eng sub)Xiao Zhan shows deep concern when Yibo gets hurt on the neck


According to Chinese bjyx fans, the ox-head gucci necklace has been confirmed to have been sent by xiao zhan as their love gift(Of course they would never admit it publicly). But to avoid causing trouble for them, the original post has been deleted.Yibo started wearing this gucci necklace from march or perhaps may this year(the accurate date is not sure). The original price of this necklace is only more than 2,000 RMB, which is not too expensive and does not conform to the rule of brand sponsorship (many of the other jewelry he wears are hundreds of thousands). In addition, yibo has never had business contact with gucci brand. However, xiao zhan has been in business contact with gucci brand and often wears gucci for a long time and he was invited by gucci to the recent milan fashion week in Sep 2019. The necklace was sold in only two physical stores in Beijing (xiao zhan’s home is in Beijing). Yibo often stroked the necklace and even wore it to motorcycle race ACCA, sometimes hiding it in his collar. One of the most powerful evidence is that yibo refused to take off the necklace during the game show in the video, resulting in scratches in his neck and his neck soon turned red. Xiao zhan was very concerned and even a little bit agitated when he found out yibo was hurt because he wouldn’t take the necklace off. Then xiao zhan lost his gentle smile and asked yibo to take off the necklace right away(bjyx fans read xiao zhan’s lips and speculate he said:”I’ve told you to take it off before, your neck is all red now, just take it off.” Yibo was very obedient to remove it, and he also showed a happy smile despite being scolded (because he saw xiao zhan concerned).BTW yibo was born in 1997, the year of the ox in Chinese zodiac.
subs maybe done later🎉
I have almost finished subs of this one about that they are playing games and how yibo carefully plans to help xiao zhan win:

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  1. It’s very common for people on Weibo to post at a specific time deliberately. Chinese call it 卡点(Ka-Dian). For example, advertisers usually post XZ-endorsed ads or XZ related posts at 10:05/22:05 (5 oct is XZ’s bday), and WYB ones at 08:05/20:50 (5 Aug is YB’s bday). XZ also posted sometime back in 2016 saying that he does KaDian

    There just have been too much coincidences in XZ and YB’s posting time for it to not be deliberate. I complied a list in the replies below if you wanna know more

    [Some numbers to look out for would be 18/518(sounds like YB/WYB), 42(the answer to the universe and everything), 43(the number of times little prince watched the sunset in a day/I love you in Morse code), 520/521/21/20( 5 sounds like ‘I’, 2 sounds like ‘love’, 1/0 sounds like ‘you’ in Chinese. 20 May is also an unofficial Valentine’s day in China because of this), 13/14(meaning for one’s whole life/forever).]

  2. I really hate this stupid red guy, he was always on Yibo's tail and he was the one who hurt Yibo. Not to mention that he kept playing Yibo to be jealous of Xiao and then rubbing himself against Yibo and preventing Xiao from reaching him.

  3. I would say they are like besties…of course besties care about each other…and the way you r interpreting their glances and choice about coming out holes together etc that's common…if you see whole episode, actual game…of course they were hearing to host story and in story it was confusing what exactly host will ask them to do in the end…so they were running back and forth to not lose their position far from right hole…sometime Xiao Zhan was not sure about answer…so not hesitated where to come out of that hole or not.
    Of course they have amazing chemistry…but please don't make up things about their relationship by deliberately connecting their every moment and glances…
    do you guys have your own life or not?

  4. I just saw the whole programme but I can't find this scene on that . Can anyone plese tell me the exact time when this happened?

  5. Whatever their relationship is, I wish wouldn't . I mean, hello? Who doesn't want to see those two smile like that and be cute asf?

  6. i want to believe that Yibo and Xiao Zhan are straight but all these analyze video makes so muchh sense, i can't… 🤣🤣🤣

  7. I watched it somewhere that he also touched Yibo’s neck like tracing the scratch! Zhan really was very concerned! 😬 but yk Yibo, he doesn’t mind getting those scratches and wounds here and there! The eye contacts tho were not all so on point but the actions whenever Zhan goes into the holes, Yibo doesn’t try very hard to block him! Hahah! Just that one time when he really pulled him on the waist! 🤣

  8. Thanks for the sub!❤️ I watched it many times and one thing that I realize, are they wearing same shirt? Others wear short-sleeved shirt and yet they were wearing long-sleeved shirt alone, just both of them, omg

  9. So Sweet❤️ i hope there friendship would last despite their busy schedule😀 I wish that more and more blessings and project for the both of them😍❤️❤️

  10. At 7:00 WYB partner in green (I know he plays Jiang Chang but I don't know his real name) stands close to XZ and XZ partners on yellow stand close to WYB. Do they do that so WYB and XZ can look at each other but pass off as.looking at their partner?

    Maybe I'm just reading too much into this hahaha. It's late and I should be sleeping but I can't help watch these videos of YiZhan.

  11. He’s jealous 🥺😍😂😂😂 but idk if I should ship them because it might effect them😥but I know we all really ship them😍😍😍

  12. I like em, I do think their cute together, but when people looks this closely and dissect things like that, and labels their actions, it kinda gets really uncomfortable.

    I personally would feel real creeped out if it's me being dissected like that.

  13. Me caga el tipo de rojo, todo el tiempo estuvo sobre Yibo, dificultando la interacción entre Xiao Zhan y Yibo

  14. This video breakdown was on point. Yibo was tryna sneak his looks in at Zhan and he kept stalking in this game show. I watched them doing an interview and Zhan was asked by the interviewer can they meet his cat? Zhan was like the cat is at my home and cat is stupid and Yibo said and clingy. in order for Yibo to know that it means he would have to be over Zhan’s house. When Yibo said the cat was clingy Zhan replied to Yibo the cat isn’t clingy you are clingy and Yibo didn’t say anything because it’s true. If Zhan doesn’t smile at Yibo….Yibo will keep missing with Zhan until he smiles.

  15. Tbh if the don't admit of being in a love relationship, why go through all the trouble of assuming. Is it so hard to see them as just friends without having your imagination running wild about other things. If it were two girls now, Would they be so called lesbians too?

  16. I swear, if I were the girlfriend of one of them… Let's say Xiao Zhan, I wouldn't mind sharing him to Wang Yi Bo. We three could go out and I could just sit a bit farther away from them and just blissfully have fun watching them together. 😂🖤

  17. Someone please can tell me what is with his necklace???? Who gave to him? A saw some ppl saying that was a rich girl, some say that was a friend, Xiao Zhan, and even a member of uniq
    But, what is the theory here?

  18. I don't want to cause trouble for them in their careers–not just success but making the kind of art they want to make –or their personal life either–but I can't stop watching BJYX videos!


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