🇹🇭 Beautiful THAI LADYBOY SHOWGIRLS: Table for SEVEN, please! 🥢Let's EAT 🐠



I took six Pattaya ladyboy showgirls out to eat Thai food and let them order anything they want. Here is what they ordered.

These showgirls work at the Colosseum Show Pattaya. This is a large theatre, with a ladyboy cultural and entertainment show. This show includes over 100 people on stage doing traditional Thai and pop music dancing, lip synching, and comedy.

Where we ate:
Krua Khun May
Facebook page:
Dropped pin
Near Na Kluea, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri, Thailand

(open 4pm to 1am daily)
***Price for 7 people eating seafood until full 1,400 Thai Baht ($45 USD)

Music in this video
Space Lullaby (feat. Clara Sorace) – Iaio

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This video is co-produced by Carla Marie Rupp.

Thank you! ❤
Jason Rupp

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  1. that is what I really like about you Jason, that you do not make a distinction between people.people are people.
    Andy these people are very friendly persons.
    Jason you get spoiled there,no hands dinner 😉
    Anway,that what i call a great time,eating seafood on a local market in the evening.i miss that.
    Another great video,always 👍🏻 up.
    Thx for sharing

  2. And ladyboy (sing coreean song),is very nice & Katya"Tokyo"is sweeety so👑🙏✌☕🤗🎉🌹👑

  3. They all seem so polite …are all Thai people this polite ? I’m not sure when this was filmed but is there no virus issue there ? Tokyo girl is sweet heart ❤️

  4. I love these shows please keep making them, and maybe you could meet up again with these girls in another episode they are all so sweet and so pretty

  5. Keep making these shows I love them and see if you could be with these girls again at another time, they are all so sweet and very pretty

  6. OMG Thai Ladyboys are so cute, beautiful personality, and such feminine style I never thought but I'm willing to find that special someone 4 me 🙂

  7. WOW!! anyone have Instagram for the one girl named Jep i think how she said it, she is wearing purple n white with little squares dress, sitting left of the one in black top, she's gorgeous!!

  8. How did you get 6 beauties to go to dinner with you? I'd think it nearly impossible to get just 1 to go on a date!

  9. You know what would be the dream after dinner going to the hotel and have 7 some with them

  10. Welcome to Thailand.🇹🇭🙏
    Amazing Thailand Right?🇹🇭👍
    My Radar is Broken🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙏

  11. i like the girl on your left side on other side of table on the end she wearing grey dress she looks cute

  12. I've only just recently started watching and following these vlogs about Pattaya. You get to meet such wonderful people and do some great things on your travels. I enjoyed your vids with your lady barber, Nin. But this one is my favorite one by far. you treated them like the ladies they are. Cant help but worry about them, since the pandemic has closed so much, including the colosseum where they performed. I can only hop and pray that they are all well and can return to that in which they all enjoy. Thank you for sharing.


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