10 Video Games Utterly Ruined By RNG


Who needs skill when you can just roll a dice?

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  1. Daily reminder that the complaints about Battlefront 2's microtransactions literally weren't there at launch.

  2. You missed World of Tanks… Players call that RNG "RNG-esus" Case in point – the KV-2. It seems that every round it fires is guided to its target by the undead hand of Stalin himself.

  3. Try playing Xenoblade 2. 50ish rare blades (which are the ONLY ones worth using or wanting), and a TERRIBLE RNG system to get them. You'll get 100's of useless crap you just toss away for every 1 rare blade by end game after it gives you the first 5-10 easily.

  4. Every CSGO weapon has an exact bullet pattern that you can use.. It's the same for every single gun, they all have their own set bullet pattern.

  5. Pokemons excessive random encounters. They did kinda remove this in the let's go games as well as sword and shield with the wild Pokemon actually being visible in the overworld, but before that it made not only getting from point a to point b so freaking tedious, but also filling out the Pokedex more of a chore than it needed to be. Anyone who's been through the hell that is the Zubat caves knows what I'm talking about…

    Then there's the one hit ko moves that you have to pray they don't hit… Thank God the legendaries don't spam these moves when they have em… It would make them so much harder to catch!

  6. Tripping was fine in Brawl. It added a layer of difficulty you had to overcome and that's not a problem. As for CS:GO, sorry Valve added realism to their games. Sorry you can't be a 100% perfect shot like no one in existence ever was. Grow up.

  7. There needs to be a way to make effort always matter. Imagine RNG always increasing your chance until it drops, then it resets. 0.1% -> 0.2% -> 0.4% -> 0.8% -> etc. Once it drops, it resets. What about an RNG game without rarities, everything is potentially viable. Rarity implies rank of one thing over another, manipulating players into "having" to play more. However, RNG means that you can never get something. In Warframe, maxing a relic = 10% chance (1/10, you'd think), but often times, it would cost me 20+ relics. The relics are random, the amount of void traces you receive (between 6 and 30) from void missions is random (need 100 to max a relic out), the reward from the relic is random. That's 2 levels of complete RNG with one being "You'll get it, but at random amounts." Luckily, it's a F2P game that overall does it quite right otherwise.

  8. SAS: Zombie Assault 4 by NinjaKiwi (topdown PC – eventually mobile/steam game) is by far one of the worst RNG games I've ever played, and still do regrettably. Not only does the RNG screw with the boss spawns amongst with the endless complaining from players and the admins never caring to fix properly, it does it to the zombie traits too, really annoying when you have a regen zombie with traits of the only weapons you brought and cant kill it quick enough…
    On top of that, RNG is in the loot too, and most players will get screwed by practically never getting end-game loot, or if they do, it is rarely ever top grade end-game loot making the game less fun and definitely not as rewarding as it should be.

  9. when you wait right till the end of video because Jules efforts are worth it being reflected in metrics. Good work Retr0J!

  10. When you said destiny is like a “job” I couldn’t agree with you more. You’re so spot on it really is like 9-5 job man. It’s not even fun anymore IMO

  11. I'd add xenoblade chronicles 2 because for 100 percent of all rare blades you are at the mercy of the random number gods especially when trying to get poppibuster

  12. NEW GAMING CHANNEL – just popping in looking for other beginner channels to show some love❗️

  13. Pokemon can have some rough RNG and so can old school runescape just look at the drop table for Sarandon god war boss (probably not spelled right).

  14. Soul of Cinder (1st phase) in DS3 can be super easy or super painfully difficult depending on his form usage. Mage is easy pyromancer is pain. So I pray to RN-Jesus that I don't get to much pyromancy when I fight him

  15. I don't know about the 1st Borderlands. I'm replaying it right now (GOTY Enhanced Edition) and I think they kind of fixed the loot drop problem. After my 1st playthrough, I already got my hands on 5 great legendary weapons (especially the Silent Night sniper rifle). But I agree that the original version (not GOTY Enhanced) was broken in that regard.

  16. Bro why do you include a game when you clearly know nothing about it? CSGO is NOT RNG, it has zero RNG in it, yes there is recoil to guns, but there is a pattern to every gun, its not randomly generated each time. And it actually DOES reward skilled players, because if you learn and get used to each spray pattern then there’s literally nothing random about it. Man i just hate when people talk about something they dont play and have no clue how it works…. unsubscribed

  17. The initial criticism of RNGs just sounds like a criticism of life. Even if you're the most skilled fighter and you've put in the most hours, if the wind changes, you might end up brutally murdered. That's life. It's not predictably deterministic and it's not fair. Most of the other issues were just the probabilities/percentages not feeling fair. But hey, surely it's fairer that it's unfair for everyone than it being unfair for one guy. 😉

  18. Hey Jules, I don’t really comment on anything but I always appreciate your end comments, been struggling lately and hearing that makes it better. Cheers ya big ledge.

  19. Mario Kart is not "ruined" by RNGs, it's a party game, a chaotic and fun experinece meant to be played with your friends or family and have a good laugh. If you want realism or someting more "Skill" oriented, play Gran Turismo instead.

  20. Football Manager 2020. Had a team filled with the best players in the world. Won the premier league, European Champions league and FA cup last season, beating teams like Barcelona and Man City 4-0 and such… first game in the carabou cup this season against a team in league 2 and lost 3-0… yeah ok, bye.

  21. I honestly wasn't bothered by Mario Kart's system. Or just stay in 2nd and wait to use your power-up towards the end of the race and take 1st lol but I agree with Destiny, despite how fun the combat is, the drops are stupid (same for Anthem, but that has more issues)

  22. i feel like wow should have hit this list in at least one respect. they had an entire expansion where RNG was on steroids (multiple layers of RNG for the same calculation) as well as an entire class spec that revolved around RNG for it's good pulls vs. bad pulls.


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