6 Mobile Games Kids Should NEVER Play


There are tons of great titles on the mobile market, but not all of them are kid-friendly or even suitable for teens. Subscribe The Gamer:

Kids love to ask questions, and it’s just in their nature to do so. What they shouldn’t be doing is playing the video games on this list because they’re a bit too mature for them, and we’re definitely not ready to explain what is happening in the GTA Hot Coffee mod yet.

In this list, we’re going to check out games your kids should never get their hands on. Now, you could give them Wolfenstein as a gift on their 18th birthday, but that’s completely on you. Otherwise we’re just here to warn you to not do it until then.

We had a few titles which specialized in sniper style gaming like Lonewolf and Optical Inquisitor where you would be rewarded for headshots and revenge kills. Then, there’s games like the Bard’s Tale where the humor is crude, but slightly underhanded. It’s noticeable enough that your children would probably still start to ask questions so it’s probably best to make sure they’re not playing this popular RPG game just yet. You also want to make sure they’re not getting their hands on Wolfenstein RPG. Even though it’s from 2009, it still has plenty of violence and adult humor to make a kid’s head spin.

Die in 100 Ways isn’t exactly a creative title, but they tried and it was a fun enough game to spend a few minutes on so we had to add it to the list. This may look like a kid’s game with the cutesy color schemes and cartoon characters, but be warned because, throughout the entire game, you’re trying to stop Death from murdering people. It’s not exactly a Disney game.

Join us as we try to save kids from future counseling sessions and check out 10 mobile games kids should never play!

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  1. the ONLY game that in not allowed to play is “100 ways to die”, but all the other, psh! Give it to me, I’m 12 years old

  2. Parents: downloads a game which involves guns.

    Also parents: “what is that awful game you are playing”

  3. I got all the gta games that was available on my android and I bought the game with my sisters debit card😂😂😂😂😂

  4. I have had my kids ask me why they can't play the Sims 4 and don't know what to tell them can the gamer help me out

  5. I started to play gta vice city when I was 7 gta San when I was 9 gta 3 when I was 10 gta 4 when I was 12 and now gta 5 when I am of 15 LOVE GTA AND IT AINT A BAD GAME MAN

  6. Family Guy another freaking mobile game. It's a game similar to candy crush or any of the other match games. It may seem subtle at first giving each character their favorite drinks. But it's not just drinks it's alcoholic drinks. Plus there's a few times where you have to match drinks to collect condoms for Quagmire. Keep kids away far away from this game. It'll scar them for life


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