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Adverteasing tests players’ knowledge of slogans, commercials, and jingles from some of America’s most classic brands. For full review and shopping info►

Product Info:
Test your pop culture advertising knowledge with a new version of the popular game Adverteasing from Alex Brands’ Ideal brand. For 30 years, Adverteasing has been an entertaining party game, and this updated version extends the fun with new questions and challenges to test players’ knowledge of slogans, commercials, and jingles from some of America’s most classic brands. The game comes with 160 question cards (480 questions), 40 President’s Challenge cards (240 questions), six colored pawns, a sand timer, a game board, and instructions. It’s for two to six players.

Each of the blue question cards has three multiple choice questions on it. Before you play, decide whether you’ll play with the first, second, or third question throughout the game. The question cards are divided into six categories: Classic, which includes selected questions from previous Adverteasing editions; Super Bowl, which includes questions about ads that aired during a Super Bowl; Before They Were Stars, which is about celebrities in ads before they were famous; As Seen On TV, which questions your knowledge about products in infomercials; Goods & Services, which covers ads for cars to insurance; and Fill in the Blank, where you have to fill in the blank with a product or part of a slogan.

To play, take turns answering the designated question on the blue cards. One player reads the question aloud and the guesser either tries to answer or asks to hear the multiple choices. If you guess correctly without hearing the multiple choices, move two spaces up the corporate ladder on the board. If you answer correctly after hearing the multiple choices, move one space up the ladder. If you guess wrong, you don’t move at all.

Once you reach the President’s Challenge space, you must correctly identify the brand from the designated clues on a President’s Challenge card. Another player will read you the first clue, and if you answer correctly, move three spaces up the ladder and automatically win the game. If you guess correctly after hearing the second or third clues, you’ll only get to move two or one spaces, respectively, up the ladder. If you guess incorrectly after all three clues have been read, you don’t move. The player to reach the president’s office/finish space first wins.


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