Age of Artisans Review and interview


A short summary of Age of Artisans and an interview with the designer Sam MacDonald.

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Designer: Shem Phillips, S J Macdonald
Artist: Mihajlo Dimitrievski
Publisher: Garphill Games

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  1. Looks great! We will definitely be adding the Apprentice Draft to the beginning of our games straight away.

  2. Thanks for the overview and interview. My question to the designer would be if they can release a premium box that we can buy so I can hold the base game and the expansion together in one box? A longer box would be ideal.
    Why did they keep the same size box for this, paladins, etc when it can hardly fit the base game, let alone any expansions?

  3. Great overview of this expansion!!Excited to add this to an already great game! How many cards are in this expansion? Just want to know for sleeving purposes. Thank you.

  4. Awesome getting designers. Really cool to hear their insights into design choices, etc. Great stuff as always mate!

  5. I really like this series of games. Architects is probably one of my current favs. Great review and interview!

  6. Artisans and Paladins has been on my "to buy" list for some time, having watched your top video I have just ordered on-line (not from tax avoiding Amazon which I never use). That was such a good review with your main man Sam!

  7. I like this sort of expansion. It adds a bit of a different spice to the game, to give it more legs, rather than change it too much of over complicate it. I'll definitely use the start draft of apprentices anyway in future games. Good interview.

  8. Great little video. Even though the game isn't my cup of tea it was really interesting to hear about the thinking behind the expansion. Would love to see more of this sort of thing. Good stuff (as always)!

  9. Artisans do not have the 2 coin discount by default. My bad, Sam was clearly too polite to correct me at the time. I got confused clearly because id just played a game where i had the strongman apprentice with the discount.

  10. Where did you hear/read of your second-mentioned artisan power (reduce the cost of using an area by 2 silver)? After reading through the rules I've seen no mention of this power. Did you confuse it with the strongman apprentice ability?

  11. Love that you got Sam on to talk about the expansion. I love Architects and it was great to see the way Sam thinks and I look forward to hearing more from him on the podcast. I love the apprentice draft mechanic, but would you use it in the solo variant and how would that work?

  12. I really liked this game, but I don't like it as much with 2 and that's the player count I'd be able to play it at the most.

  13. This is a different format to normal as we had Sam in the studio for the podcast, so i thought i'd combine the short summary of the expansion with an interview. Also, here's a link to our podcast page where you can hear more from Sam, including a big announcement for the west kingdom and our discussion on variable player powers.


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