Angry Video Game Nerd II: ASSimilation – 100% full walkthrough F****** IMPOSSIBLE


Here you have a clean walkthrough through F****** IMPOSSIBLE difficulty, getting all cartridges and upgrades.
No, I didn’t get through the whole game without dying. The video was edited in order to remove all silly deaths (more than 80!).

This game feels more enjoyable and fair than the first one. The shorter levels are better designed and achievements are definitely feasible.
Oh, and the soundtrack is f****** awesome, and YOU RIDE A TANUKI IN FIRE WHOSE BALLS KILL ENEMIES

* GET AND USE A TURBO CONTROLLER. Yes, I’m pretty sure the developers wanted this difficulty to be played with it.
* Your main priority is to get the UBER SCOPE as soon as possible, you’ll need the GLOVE OF POWER and the FUKONAMI SWEAR’n’SCOUT 9001 first.
* Keep the knife… ehrr… keep the F-bombs! They come really handy with minibosses.

16:07 UBER SCOPE (AREA 52 3)

WALKTHROUGH (+NERD cartridges)
2:46 BOARD JAMES 1: Hippo Hell
33:22 BOARD JAMES 2: You’ll get caught up
34:53 BOARD JAMES 3: Toy Car Turmoil
37:09 BOARD JAMES 4: Bonanza of Balls

4:38 NERD GAIDEN 1: Hang Dong ’97
28:23 NERD GAIDEN 2: Raw Fish Rampage
31:10 NERD GAIDEN 3: Sush’Em up
32:50 NERD GAIDEN 4: CAT-209 Attacks!

20:47 BROWNTOWN 1: Dookie Dookie Panic
23:36 BROWNTOWN 2: God Kelp Us!
26:18 BROWNTOWN 3: Crappy Croc Conundrum
27:28 BROWNTOWN 4: Battle Frogs

37:45 MONSTER MADNESS 1: Ghouls ‘n’ Garbage
40:33 MONSTER MADNESS 2: Saturated Shitfest
42:54 MONSTER MADNESS 3: Deadly Danger Dungeon
44:40 MONSTER MADNESS 4: Requiem for a Werepire

8:27 AREA 52 1: Shitty Security Breach
10:44 AREA 52 2: Slide Down the Shaft
15:03 AREA 52 3: WhyWhyWhyWhyWhyWhy
18:21 AREA 52 4: Onwards and backwards

46:37 FINAL TOWER 1: Virtual Insanity
51:37 FINAL TOWER 2: ???


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  1. I think that one of the levels in the third game (if they ever made one) would probably be a level inspired by "the town with no name" and the boss would be a drifter saying that his name isn't Shane.

  2. I just realized that with all of the power-ups, the AVGN recreates the powered-up form he used in various AVGN episodes, such as the SMB3 and ROB episodes.

  3. For those of you too lazy to use the Binary Translator yourself, CAT-209 was saying "FUCKYONEWRD" Or am I an idiot and it's really "FUCKYOUNERD"

  4. Area 52 3,WHAT THE FUCK,every item in this game is in the first level but the Uber scope is on the third? What were they thinking

  5. Hi,I played the game and can I ask you a question?On normal difficulty level it says that you have 3 beers,right?Same goes for "Hard as balls" difficulty(only you have 2 beers).But on "Old school" and "Fucking impossible" difficulty it says you have 3 (2) WEAK bears.Is there any difference between beers and weak beers?

  6. un juego muy interesante, me ha gustado mucho! buen video, te puedo hacer una pregunta? ya no solo es que yo sea fan tuyo desde el podcast y quiera eso, pero…. no has pensado en comentar tus videos tus let's play? a mi sinceramente me gustaria escuchar tus opiniones y vivencias en este tipo de videos, de hecho me gustan tus directos por ello, el del crazy taxi estaba muy chulo! un saludo te dejo mi like y comparto


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