Behind the Scenes: LET'S PLAY GAMES – The Next Step 6


In TNS6, the juice bar cafe has been reinvented again, this time as a board game cafe called Shakes and Ladders. Now the cast have something to do besides drinking fake juice all day! Go on set for a tense game of Picture-Grams and bloopers from other gaming scenes!

Behind the scenes of #TheNextStep6 ep 18, “Little Big Lies”
• Victoria Baldesarra (Michelle)
• Alexandra Beaton (Emily)
• Alexandra Chaves (Piper)
• Myles Erlick (Noah)
• Sage Linder (Summer)
• Briar Nolet (Richelle)
• Isaiah Peck (Henry)
• Dylan Ratzlaff (Jacquie)

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#TheNextStep follows A-Troupe, a group of dancers who strive to win a number of dance competitions – all while dealing with their own drama and relationships.

Watch on Universal Kids, Family Channel, CBBC, Vrak TV, Hulu, Teletoon+, Disney Channel Spain, Disney Channel Portugal, and Disney Channel Australia/ABCme, and HBO Asia!


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  1. I like cutler shock and java junction and snakes and ladders u seriously had to get rid of Michelle I so sad 😭 she left my fav em and michelle

  2. Juice bar order (Season 1-7)
    Culture Shock
    Java Junction
    Neutral Grounds
    Shakes And Ladder
    The Next Steep


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