Cambridge-Isanti vs. Hopkins 2020 State AAAA Girls Basketball – Paige Bueckers


Paige Bueckers & the undefeated Hopkins Royals make their 2020 State Tournament debut!! The Royals take on Cambridge-Isanti in this State AAAA Girls Basketball Quarterfinal game.

The Hopkins Girls Basketball team is the defending state champions and are looking for back-to-back titles with Paige Bueckers playing in her 5th year on the varsity squad.

Recorded 3-11-20

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  1. 17:40 so you're telling me that's a great defense… wow. I love Paige, but if she started defending for real, she would be much better

  2. It’s so sad that Paige did not get to finish her senior year with a dub in the state champion. They were one day away from playing in the state championship game and due to Covid-19 it was cancelled for them.

  3. Somehow I went from watching girls kick each other in the head to this and I have to say I am enjoying watching this girls moves.

  4. So next year can Battle step up and make this her team, and run that point? She has tons of talent. Nnaji is going to dominate, Woodson will be one year even better, etc. Nunu is an emerging star. But they need a quarterback.

  5. To see Pagie do all this things it inspires me and I am crying cause I probably won't be able to see her in my life cause she is going to be leaving soon and I really want to see her in real life and to just give her a hug. PLEASE show this to Pagie if you see her again

  6. Hopkins played like professionals. The other team had multiple middle school mistakes like falling down multiple times they didnt stand a chance

  7. Hopkins bigs aren't very good on defense. But Paige gets them involved on offense and thats where they shine.

  8. How on earth did Cambridge Isanti make it to the state tournament quarterfinal with that type of basketball?

    What the hell

  9. Who else looked through the comments just to see if Hopkins won?🤣😂😂😂 LETS GO HOPKINS👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  10. Click 36:25. Paige Bueckers has to work harder. The ball was passed to her and she passed up a perfectly good shot. Paige is a little bit of a slacker here. She just didn't want to jump! LOL


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