Crusader of Centy (Genesis) All Bosses (No Damage)


Crusader of Centy (RPG for Genesis) – Bosses (No Damage). Played by ArekTheAbsolute. Crusader of Centy (also known as Soleil) – is a great Action RPG, The Legend of Zelda like games for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive! Japanese name of the game – 新創世紀ラグナセンティ.

List of bosses:
01. Wolf
02. Octopus
03. Shuffler
04. Roxie
05. Georama
06. Leviathan
07. Maldra
08. Chameleon
09. Puppet Master
10. Baron
11. Mother Monster (+ location)
12. 5 Senses, Spirit Energy
Action RPG & Zelda-like games Boss Battles playlist:


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  1. Action RPG & Zelda-like games Boss Battles playlist:

  2. I must say while this isn't better than Link to the Past (though probably just as good as ALttP), the graphics look infinitely better than ALttP. 9:42 onwards looks straight from a PS1 game.

  3. That music!
    Holy shit, I've never heard of this little Genesis Zelda clone, but I must play this game; looks pretty kick-ass!!

  4. Did anyone else notice a glitch in the music? The sound of the sword being thrown seems to use the same sound channel as, and override, the loud squeaky notes in the theme used for the final boss and others. Not that obvious during Leviathan and the Senses, but it screws up the music during Maldra and Spirit Energy.

  5. @HarryJamesBuckley
    ¿spooky tambien se llama el juego?,no lo sabia,solo conocia ragnacent-solei-crusader of centy. o,o


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