Deadtale Online – Vs Sans (Android)


Thanks for Watching!! 🙂

in this mode you fight sans with friends, I tried a lot of times but this is too hard, I will try again to see if I can beat this guy, but seems impossible unless all the players are playing good.

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  2. que nostalgia encontrar un gameplay de este juego cuanto era chiquito me encantaba este juego pero ahora este proyecto se hiso mas aburrido que nunca ya no era como antes

  3. Welcome to the most nostalgic video 😉 feel free to sit relax and cry a lot (I'm crying in my inside :,( 2020? )

  4. i remember playing this in like 2015 or 2016. really dont remember. i tried looking for this game again because it was so fun, sadly the whole game got deleted

  5. a few years ago i played this game but deleted it becouse i was not really into undertale but now i am but forgot the name of the game

  6. 🔫💥💥🔫💥💥🔫
    Nice video

  7. Our reports have showed a huge anomaly in the time and space continuum

    Timelines jumping left and right stopping and starting

    Until everything ends

    It's your fault isn't it?


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