DIY Industrial Wall Pipe Lamp Tutorial / Build Guide


Today, we’re having a light bulb moment! Let’s make a DIY Industrial Wall Pipe Lamp together!

Months ago, we bought an industrial pipe lamp off Carousell and have totally fallen in love with it. Since we’re renovating the office, we decided to make a supersized version for one of our sets. After weeks of research and hours of manual labor, we’re proud to present to you our very own Industrial Wall Lamp, designed by none other than our resident Architecture post-grad, Shane.

In this video, we’ll show you a step by step tutorial on how to make one yourself. If you found this video helpful, please give us a like and share! Do leave us a comment if you have any questions about this project. Till next time. =)


00:00 – Intro
00:20 – Overview
00:50 – Design the Layout
01:03 – Cut and Thread Pipes
01:18 – Select Fittings
01:24 – Clean Pipes and Fittings
01:58 – Assemble Parts
02:50 – Wire Light Sockets
04:43 – Prep for Painting
04:56 – Spray Paint
05:41 – Wire Light Fixture
06:49 – Test Wiring
07:43 – Mount Light Fixture
08:27 – DIY Industrial Lamp Showcase
09:14 – Outro


Moody Tunes 1 by Peter Sandberg
A Little Goes A Long Way (Inst.) by Martin Carlberg
Expressions 16 by Gunnar Johnsén
Smooth As Silk 3 by Anders Bothén
Before You’re Mine (Inst.) by Simon Gribbe
Beating Soundscapes 5 by Christian Andersen
Mrs Right (Inst.) by Kalle Engström
Full Of Stress 2 by Niklas Gustavsson
Come On by Aidan Cole


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  1. What kind of bulbs are in the center? Does it have connections on both ends or just made to look that way? Nice build.

  2. You good Bato. I like what you did but, I want to do something like a floor lamp for my Mancave. Any ideas.?

  3. I rubbed my pipe with paint thinner as you said and it burned a lot and took the skin off.Thanks!!!Now my girlfriend won't come near me!!!

    O and I'm suing you!! Other than that, great video

  4. I love this video. I am doing a similar one for a friend of mine but they insist on having an earth wire attached to the body of the lamp. Any advice on how i do that?

  5. Bro enjoyed the video…would really appreciate if you could share the location of which hardware shop did you get the pipes..thanks in advance

  6. Stunning, love the steampunk feel, one question…are those LED bulbs? That may sound like a daft question but recently they've started producing LED's that look just like that.

  7. This is exactly the tutorial I was in need of, I've had this same light fixture DIY in my head for a couple years and haven't gotten going on it yet, thanks for helping out with some true practical information.

  8. And can you please share the complete list of required items with the sizes too? Actually its difficult to find all the hardware in my country

  9. This is really bad advice! I would highly recommend you add some safety and code suggestions. I'm not an electrician either but I would definitely do the following.

    1.All wire connections inside a wall MUST be inside a gang box. Use one!

    2. Ground the metal fixture.

  10. I saw a similar product going for $699 on a website and I was like "nope.. someone has done this on YT"… Thanks for saving me a few hundred!

  11. Hey man! Love how you explained e everything! Could just ask, are you from Malaysia? I'm opening my own Hostel here and I'm looking for the same materials to DIY the interior decor.

  12. Hey guys I followed your video and made the same lamp you are making but I cannot find the threaded light socket you are using! I’m talking about 4:33 of the video. I appreciate if you tell me where you got that otherwise I can’t finish it


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