Eloise Thinks Trump Is Gay (Cringe Warning)


You know that when Trump and Eloise interact it might get a little cringy, yesterday’s Skype call was especially cringeworthy tho. I dare you to watch the whole thing, as a cringe endurance test. Eloise thinks Trump is KappaPride due to a miscommunication, its pretty funny.

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Thanks Driz Zel for linking me the source!

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  1. I've watched many react to this and now this itself. I still cannot grasp how this is cringey at all. It just seems like a poor conversation.

  2. If any of you guys actually think trump is smooth…then you should go get checked by your doctor Autism is nothing to be ashamed of 😂👌

  3. "…womanizer?? writes the word into Google Translate spelling it 100% correctly instantly hmmm….. OOOHHHH" Implying she has no idea what that means when she instantly knows how to perfectly spell the word, she is definitely playing a character here, acting for the cameras.

  4. I don't find this so akward. They are just talking about definition of some terms that are used online, that's it.

  5. Can somebody tell me what's going on? Were they dating and broke up or what? Who is even streming in this vid? I guess both but it's from the girl's perspective. Anyways, what's the full story behind this?

  6. English with a thick chinese accent gotta be the most horrible, awful and annoying fucking shit in the world

  7. First time I saw this clip I thought she was trolling him by pretending to be a girl. Her voice sounds like an Asian trying to sound like Nelson Mandela


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