August 15, 2020
  • 10:49 pm 16 Features that should be in Lunime Games
  • 10:34 pm Patriots fans display Roger Goodell clown nose towels | SC6 | ESPN
  • 10:16 pm FANTASY ISLAND – Official Trailer (HD)
  • 9:54 pm PUBG MOBILE – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!! [SOLO Deathmatch] – Android Gameplay, Walkthrough]
  • 9:31 pm Söz | 1.Bölüm

In this episode we introduce the Pervasive Game Lab unit at Swinburne University, and ask lecturer Troy Innocent to explain what pervasive gaming is.

Parallel Universe: A Game Development Story is a documentary web-series focusing on a group of students in the Pervasive Game Lab unit at Swinburne University. The series shows the developmental stages and the live play sessions of the dystopian game “Gridlord”.

Produced by Lauren Videon and Nick Gleeson
Special thanks to Troy Innocent, and the Gridlord Team (Ruby, Ben, Shaun, Michael, Alex, Nicholas, Daniel, and Christian) for their appearances.


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