Excel Flash Fill For MAJOR Time Saving (7 Examples)


Learn how to use Excel Flash Fill correctly with these 7 Examples.
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Flash Fill in Excel is similar to Autofill except it will fill the values down based on a certain logic. That logic is derived automatically once Excel sees a pattern in the data.
There are different ways you can use flash fill:
1. Use the Excel shortcut key for Flashfill: Control + E
2. Pull down the values with the fill handle and then select Flash Fill
3. Go to Home / Fill / Flash Fill
4. Start typing the 2nd value and once Excel recognizes the pattern, you will see the results shown in the cells in light grey. Just Press Enter.

Excel Flash Fill not working? Check out 2:02.
You can only apply Flash Fill close and adjacent to your data set. You can also apply Flash Fill one column at a time. For example to split first name and last name, you can do the first name first and then do the last name separately. For Flash Fill to work it also needs to recognize a pattern. For really messy data, it might not find a consistent pattern.

If for some reason Excel doesn’t show you the Flash Fill preview, it might be turned off in your Excel Options. To make sure Flash Fill is turned on go to File – Options – Advanced Editing Options – put a check mark in the “Automatically Flash Fill” box.

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  1. Can you tell me how to stop flash fill when doing a formula on a range? Like, whenever I am inserting a formula into a blank column which is next to the range column, the flash fill is populating the whole column. Also, when I try to delete the data from the non-required cells, I am unable to delete it. The flash fill is acting as an array command on that column.

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  3. Ok, 7 different cases in a less-than-6-minutes video. It's amazing how much you can learn and how easier your life can be by focusing on a YouTube video for 5 minutes and 44 seconds.
    Thanks for everything Leila. Stay Safe

  4. I have been hating excels for decades & your soothing tutorials make me relax abit.
    but u definitely cant progress without it

  5. I want it to just ADD the digits to the right of the decimal ONLY, if the integer begins with a negative sign. Is this possible?

  6. Hi Leila,
    Great advice! Your videos are always very helpful. This time, however, I need an extra hint. Somehow CTRL+E doesn't work in my case. I can use Flash fill from the menu, but not with CTRL+E. Can you help me with this?

  7. Hi Leila, I love your vidoes.I am only back into an office after a couple years away and feel lost. Your videos have been a great help. I have a problem that I am batteling to find the answer to, if you have time, you might be able to help point me to the right video that I may have missed? I need to transfer data, only when or if entered, from multiple sheets and move certain elements of that entry to a corresponding sheet, but in a new line for each new entry. I have 30 sheets compiling data and 3 sheets collecting info. If an entry on one of the 30 sheets is say, scrap, factory or store, i need it to go to the corresponding scrap, factory or store sheet. Is this possible? Please help!!

  8. Always thumbs up.. I love to watch ur video.. Accent, teaching techniques, information all could be learned from it.. Thanks a million for all your work

  9. I was gonna ask you the excel version but you answered my question towards the end of the video… you are awesome⛄️


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