Final Fantasy IX HD (Game Movie) Full Story Supercut+Timestamps – Part 1/2


Introducing Final Fantasy IX, my favorite game of all time!

This includes all Cinematics, Cut scenes, Events, Dialogues.

No fights not relevant to the story. (No random encounters)

I edited away any use of menus, victory screens, confirming character names, removed the “Me Cursor” or anything redundant / not relevant to the story.

I tried to keep my game-play immersive and straight to the point as in walking/running in scenarios it makes sense, taking natural walking paths and removed all world traveling.
I don’t fumble around, open chests or do anything unnecessary.

It’s a long watch but if you’re interested in a good story with a beautiful world and amazing music I can’t recommend it enough!

0:03:46 – Tantalus Theater Troupe
0:08:12 – Alexandria
0:19:35 – Alexandria Castle
0:44:51 – Evil Forest
1:13:35 – Ice Cavern
1:24:13 – Village of Dali
1:46:57 – Taking Flight
2:14:05 – Lindblum Grand Castle
2:44:48 – Festival of the Hunt
3:01:40 – Qu’s Marsh
3:05:18 – Gizamaluke’s Grotto
3:14:58 – Grand Citadel South Gate
3:24:25 – Burmecia, Realm of Eternal Rain
3:53:23 – Dark City Treno
4:08:04 – Gargan Roo
4:17:14 – Cleyra’s Trunk
4:19:39 – Cleyra Settlement
4:50:41 – Red Rose
5:25:16 – Pinnacle Rocks
5:47:00 – Fossil Roo
6:00:06 – Conde Petie
6:07:43 – Black Mage Village
6:24:24 – Mountain Path
6:33:03 – Madain Sari, Village of the Lost Summoners
6:53:07 – Iifa, the Ancient Tree of Life

Part 2 –

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  1. This is still faster than replaying the game all over again. Being an adult sucks. Thanks for the compilation!

  2. Thank you for creating this. I suddenly miss FFIX but don't have time to replay it. This is really helpful. When I was a kid I didn't really appreciate IX because ngl VII and VIII look more cool but the older I get the more I see it's charm. IX is like a timeless fairy tale that can be passed through generations ❤️

  3. These cutscenes are always wonderful to look at. And the 2d renders backgrounds also have a crappy charm to them.

  4. Amazing work dude, I’ve been looking for a version like this, all cut scenes, necessary boss fights and everything left out that can be considered unnecessary but still get the full effect and impact of the beautiful story that is FF9, tanks you for your hard work and time put into editing this! Kudos brother!

  5. Eiko (6) iwas forced to be an adult after her village died off… she meets Zidane and becomes certain it’s her destiny to follow him wherever? Crazy 😜

  6. why don't i ever see you save the game, shop for items/weapons or equip items to gain stat boosts and abilities?

  7. You're the absolute best
    I found myself craving the story of IX (it's my fave too! And my very first Playstation game ever so nostalgia af), but I don't have the time to play it in full rn. Can't thank you enough for posting this and above that posting it the way you have!

  8. Played this when I was like… 13 years old? I remember almost winning the card game championship but only got to 1st runner-up… This is definitely one of my favorite and most memorable video game that I ever played.

  9. I'm so happy to watch this! Zidane is such an underrated protagonist. This story is kickass and the soundtrack is beautiful. Thank you for putting this together! Sweet nostalgia

  10. Wow, whoever created this is great. I was gifted this game, but the fourth disc was scratched. I never got to finish it.


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