Game – The Skinny / Innis & Gunn Short Film Entry 2014


The Skinny magazine presents the Innis & Gunn Short Film Competition 2014 Shortlist.

Title: Game
Producer(s): Alan McIlrath & Jeppe Rohde Nielsen
Director: Jeppe Rohde Nielsen
Cinematographer: Alan McIlrath
Writer(s): Alan McIlrath & Jeppe Rohde Nielsen
Story: Donald Barthelme

Ike: Billy Letford
Shotwell: Austin Shmidt
Voice Over: Benajmin Rankine

The Skinny have teamed up with Innis & Gunn to launch a competition to find the best micro-budget short film (a short film produced for less than £1000) made in Scotland in the last year and give its filmmakers a modest budget to help take their creative vision to the next level.
Watch all of the shortlisted entries here:

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