Games You Might Remember- Master X Master (MxM)


Master X Master was a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by NCsoft that wast released on June 21, 2017 and didn’t last much longer past that.

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  1. Hey guys ! Idk if you see this comment, that would mean you actually love MxM and wanted to maybe play it again ?
    Unfortunally, there is no solution at the moment, but i would like to share you a discord, which is a community of people who, like you and me, loved MxM !
    If you have also still any old file of the game, that could maybe help people to create a private server.
    Anyway, if you just discuss of the game, bring back memories, and show that there is a real comunnity of fan for MxM, join this discord !
    Good day everyone !

  2. I was just reminiscing about MxM when I came across your video. It was my favorite MOBA that replaced League of Legends entirely for me. I played League of Legends since 2011 at the time, made the switch to MxM at release, and still refuse to ever go back to League. It's too bad they never let the source code out for private servers, I'd come back to this game in a heartbeat.

  3. After all this time I had forgotten they had shut this game down…. I just bought a new laptop and was like hey I remember that fun game I did an alpha test for I wonder how it's doing, so I proceeded to YouTube for some recent gameplay and found your video 🙁 R.I.P MXM sad story just like Paragon but luckily someone is reviving Paragon!!!!

  4. This game had what it takes to trade blows with dota and league but died from its publisher tripping over themselves. Poharan and Bumaro was my favorite combo oh and the laugh spam with bumaro is the best trolling in lobby and out.

  5. MXM, moba game for those with short attention spans, shorter than even smite. Yeah, no wonder i never heard of this. Least it has some hot characters.

  6. Agh, I've been thinking of MxM so much recently… I really missed playing Innowin and sniping people down from a far distance. It was really an experience I miss a lot. I hope they bring it back one day, perhaps under someone else.

    Thanks for the video, it brought back great memories! <3

  7. I liked this game, but some aspects of it i hated.

    1. PvE and PvP was tied to eachother, like it was said in the video. The PvE GRIND to hopefully unlock a char to use in PVP. I was after Jinsoyun and if i remember correctly i need 150 sword items, and about 8 or 10 sol (correct me if i'm mistaken).
    2. SOL, was a pain in the ass to get and unlock the masters. You could by pass this to buy the master right out, yeah right as if i'm going to spend 20EUROS, TWENTY euros for ONE char.
    3. Focusing to much on the PvE grind and Shop content.

    Damn shame it went like this, i liked the short games and the WASD movement, rather then clicking like a madman.

  8. im late but this game was FANTASTIC. ive llayed all the currrent and major mobas but the flow and tagging system felt so dam good and fluid.
    i hated lagging in ranked and matchmaking at times but the core game was phenominal.
    some heroes were great for entry level people, and a good selection for high skill level people.
    giant system is actually exhilirating albiet a bit janky.
    i wish they didnt pull the plug i want to play it so much more than dota and league.
    the match duration was perfect actually.

  9. A good game killed by an egregious microtransaction setup. I'll miss MxM. I really wish they had sanely monetized it.


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