GAMING MOUSE ON A BUDGET | ADX Firepower M04 Gaming Mouse Review


The ADX Firepower M04 gaming mouse is great for those on a strict budget.

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  1. A webpage with all ADX drivers was found by @rajder656 in the comments:
    Thanks for sharing this link with the comment section dude!

  2. Hey everyone I just bought the adx A0419k and the software from the manufacturer site doesn't recognize the keyboard whatever I do tried everything from changing USB port install re install even changing computer the version that is avaliable is the ADX_Gaming_Setup_V1.37
    If anyone can help I would really appreciate it

  3. I have had two of these mouses and both times ive been very happy with it but my first one started miss clicking on left click and some times sticking on and some times not even responding witch has got me killed serveral times on rainbow six seige, and same with the right click some times stuck on even after release so took it back and got new one and within hours descovered it did the same time it isnt much but can cause some game rage haha somthing to be aware of as ive used this mouse cor about 1k hours

  4. a bit of an ubdate about the software i decided to buy an mo3 and after like a few seconds after typing the name of the mouse (adx firepower m03) i literally found this as a first link with both software and manual for each mouse keyboard and headphones

  5. That mouse is the biggest bit of junk I have ever wasted money on, two months in and left button started having problems 3 months in its totally f*cked, unfortunately I bought its sister gaming keyboard which didnt do what it said it would right out the box, avoid this company like the plague ! Wouldnt buy it from a pound shop !

  6. I’m having a look at reviews there’s not many on this mouse I want to purchase this mouse but I need the drivers 😢

  7. Pls help me 😂 so I plugged the mouse into my Xbox and started playing and wanted to change some building binds on to my mouse but it doesn’t let me. What have I done wrong?

  8. The balls on the bottom are metal & you can download the software from here. You're welcome

  9. [/r/mousereview] Driver / software request for AFX Gameing mice (AFXM03 17) that is the software for the mouse

  10. Here is a link to a reddit thread with the driver (it is safe)

  11. Curry's AFX Firepower MO3 mouse has also the CD (the cheaper mouse of the firestorm MO4 mouse) But it does play on Xbox one Fortnite battle royal and save the world out of the box, mouse play wont work on COD Blackout though which is quite depressing.


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