Giant 40 STEAM Game TGIF Giveaway – June 2019


Giant 40 STEAM Game TGIF Giveaway – June 2019. This week we are giving away 40 STEAM game titles to our fans on ALL our Social Media platforms. You cannot win if you do not try.


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  1. Welcome bask to yet another giant TGIF STEAM game giveaway, lots of cool games this week. so remember you cant win if you dont try. Best Of Luck To all!!!

  2. Good that you are back and i will always pray for your good health as your videos are education on computer world i would like to win kind sir just one game of my choice cuz i never win anything but i never stopped trying. Thanks

  3. Gj elric .
    I already won it twice.
    Thx for the games ma man .
    And please do more promotional videos too .

  4. Did I miss the winner's announcement? I don't see anything on Twitter or here. Elric, I hope you're feeling well. Good luck to everyone and/or congratulations to the winners. I think it's awesome that Elric conducts game giveaways like this.

  5. That intro rocks. You definitely made an effort to give me a game I wanted so people need to get in on this, you're the man.

  6. I never won anything in any channel but hey, it dos not cost anything to try lol.
    Anyway, good luck to all and thx.


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