Group Exercises – Values #74


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This is one of our group exercises in which the team sits in a circle. You ask the team which value, when it comes to group work, they think is the most important to them.
Everyone gives his answer and you writes down each answer on a note card. After everyone has named his value you write the name of the participants on the remaining cards. You make two stables of cards. One with the values and one with the names.
In the next round each participant picks a card from the value card and a name card and tells the rest of the group how those two relate to each other.

The trainer can apply variations to the exercise:

Next to values you can do the exercise with other topics. For example: challenges. Each team member now names what he thinks is the most important challenge the team is facing. In the next round everyone picks a challenge card and a name card and tells the rest of the team how he thinks those two relate to each other.

You can also let each person only pick a value card. And choose a person himself to tell how he thinks that person relates to that value.

Instead of saying out loud to a certain person how you thinks a value relates to him, you can also write this down in silence on the back of the card an give it to the person. In this case no one else hears what it is, so it stays private.

Do you know a good variation? Type him as a comment below this video.


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  1. I will let the participants draw a/their favorite symbol an a card. They will explain, why the symbol is important for them. After that the person who picks up a random symbol and name will explain what the two have in common and tells a short story. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Another variation…have each person write a challenge and a team value and place in separate piles in the circle. Then have the students pick from each pile and share how they will create that value for the team and how they will support the team in overcoming the challenge.

  3. Hi,
    I will provide a training about choosing life partner for marriage. I want to apply this activity in my training. I will ask the team which value, when it comes to marriage, they think is the most important to them. Participants will write their value on a card. But I could not understand why we relate value with names. So I want to change the activity a little. I will collect value cards into a box. Then I will mixed them. Then I will make each participants take a card from the box. Then I will ask participants Is it different from your value? Do you think is it important for u? which one is more important? the value you wrote or the value you chose? After 4-5 participants talked about difference in values, I will finish the activity. The main goal I want to reach with this activity is to show we all have different values relating marriage. And the partner we chose might have a different value. You must take into account while you are deciding your life partner. Do you think is it ok? Can I apply thin activity in my training? Do you have any recommendation for me?
    thanks a lot 🙂


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