GTA vice city Victor Vance Kill Tommy Vercetti As a revenge for killing His brother Lance


GTA vice city Victor Vance and Ken Rosenberg kill Tommy Vercetti in mission “rub out”
After Tommy kill Lance Vance at the end of the game of Vice city Tommy was also involved with the death of Pete Vance Because Tommy was also there too. Victor was on liberty city the whole time to lay low for a while like he said at the end of GTA vice city stories.
Anyway after he found out that his two brothers get killed by a guy called tommy he come back to Vice City to do a revenge on tommy for killing his brothers after he come back to Vice City he find Ken Rosenberg there so he help him to kill tommy in a bad way
Ken Rosenberg betrayed Tommy cuz he know that Victor is more badass than Tommy
But it was also that Victor fake his death and at the Deal sense it was Pete after that he killed tommy as a revenge for Lance and Pete.
Anyway thanks for watching I hope you enjoy the video.

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  1. You can fuckin patch the character but you aint fool us for the real story! Much better if you patch also the storyline there. Its still diaz!

  2. I used to play as Victor Vance in vice city in my PSP
    But I did not know there was another character called tommy that you can control as well

  3. Tommy how dare you kill Victors friends now thanks to you he is crying now thats it your grounded until they will revive go to your room now you fucking killer

  4. Tha guy that you said was pete is actually victor and tommy didnt kill victor it was diaz who ambushed the deal and killed victor

  5. should have put toni instead of ken rosenberg it dosent fit and diaz wasnt friend with vic vance thats the real reason he died

  6. 0:07 the guy in the middle is actually Victor Vance so… RIP Victor Vance, Protagonist of GTA: VCS and trigger of the story of GTA: VC

  7. The reason why Vic Vance talks different is because Vice City was made before Vice City Stories because Rockstar didn't intend to make Vic Vance a playable protagonist. Rockstar confirmed that Vic Vance talking and appearance was an error.

  8. ok there are some things which are wrong
    first: the guy who died in the 2nd cutscene was Victor Vance himself not Pete Vance
    second: tommy did not kill pete or vic
    third: why Rosenberg went to kill tommy?

  9. Can you do gta lcs Leone(without glasses) is CJ kill Leone(with glasses) is Big smoke mission end
    Of the line gta sa please :3


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