Hafen Review | Is it worth the money? | WoT Blitz


Hafen is the last of the Valkyria Chronicles tanks in WoT Blitz. The design resembles the M4 and M4A3E8 Sherman tanks, and so does the gameplay. Hafen can do a lot of good stuff but it does not really excel at anything. You have a fairly accurate gun, with dcent gun depression and a solid rate of fire. The armour allows you to create some bounces because of the troll shapes and angles. But by no means is Hafen a tank to brawl in.

Three games show how to play Hafen, including a nice ace game in Yamato Harbor where I manage to do a 2 vs 1 showdown against red Hafen tanks.

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  1. It needed to be an auto loader or reloader, the edelweiss appears better to me, not that I can run the best out of that either.

  2. Missing having you do reviews. Hope all is well. The Hagen was supposed to be the last Valkin tank but as of today, Wargaming lied!

  3. When i first saw the hafen in a battle (had never heard of it before) i thought someone was driving a sp1c backwards while wearing fancy dress.

  4. The Hafen in Valkyria chronicles is similar to the WoT version. It's good all around, but a lot of the tanks you face have better individual stats

  5. the hafen is a tank with good maneuverability, and although it has a small cannon and does little damage, it has a very fast recharge, making it a very good tank to support the allies and to outflank the tank destroyers without a turret.

  6. mate thanks for this and other 3 videos i have actually bought them all. just i am curious what server do you play on ?

  7. здесь может вам понравится 👉 Dimavurd Wot 😁 смотрите. подписывайтесь 😉

  8. Great Video and thanks for the info on it as well! Don't know if I am going to spend the 10k gold on it, that's a bit pricey for a T7 fake tank. Thanks mate, cheers.

  9. Great Review, thanks for the best info! Reload of 5 seconds and speed reload time of 4.1 seconds, and ramming the French lite at the end for over 500dmg. Best video review of this tank on YouTube! Thanks so much Martin, glad I'm subscribed to your channel. Yes it's a expensive tank but it's a good tank if played correctly and it's worth 10,000 Gold in my opnion.

  10. Looks like a really messed up Sherman… Woohoo another fantasy tank! SMH… Great review though Martin, love your videos!

  11. Great video and guide! I bought this tank to complete my Valkyrie collection, but have noticed a LOT of shots just disappearing…….

  12. Do think it’s good Martin Dogger in your most honest opinion because I would rather get a lupus or nameless am I wrong?


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