How To Use Instagram Hashtags 2020 (EASY GUIDE)


So many people have no clue how to use Instagram hashtags to help grow their page. In this video, I outline an easy to follow Instagram hashtag strategy for 2020. I show you how to do hashtag research and find the best Instagram hashtags for your specific account. When executed effectively, hashtags can help you grow organically on Instagram and increase exposure for your page. Be sure to give Flick a try with the free week trial found below. It is an Instagram hashtag generator and research tool that can really help with the process.

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1. Do your research. The more you understand about hashtags and what is working in your niche, the better you will be able to execute the use of hashtags on Instagram.

2. Make sure the tags are related to your content and niche. Instagram has AI that can detect what is in the actual post. If you use hashtags that are totally unrelated, Instagram is smart enouh to know.

3. Identify relevant hashtags that will attract your ideal follower.

4. Perform the staircase strategy.

5. EXPERIMENT. Play around with different hashtags and different combination of hashtags. Instagram is constantly changing so it always pays to experiment.

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  1. That’s a whole lot of work considering we’re providing all the FREE content and IG is making the bulk of the money

  2. I went from 500 reach per post to 3000 reach per post on a new account simply by picking hashtags using this method. After a week or so flick lets you know which hashtags you ranked on per post, which is great because you can keep making new lists based on hashtags that worked best for you.

  3. Can somebody explain to me why one time I have 300 views from the hashtags and then 2 on a different post(nearly same hashtags)

  4. Hey Ben I just dropped a video about using hashtags the right way, testing my keywords out and came here (:

  5. Thank you for your video I would like to know where to find the viral content area on this Flick website…you mention it in the video at around 17:11

  6. Really great info Ben! I have been confused on how the whole hashtag thing worked and this has definitely helped my learning curve.

  7. Exactly lol like everyone is telling me to use hashtags but not one damn person is telling me how to use one😂

  8. There is so much value in this video – thank you for sharing! You delivered all the tips at a great pace and took the right amount of time to explain each one. Also, I love the little clip from The Notebook 😂😍 (awesome movie!)

  9. i used this strat on a post and a few days later it gets an average amount of likes, so i go to all the # i used to review and see if that post made it in the top 9… on the small level hashtags i used (which i should have been able to rank for) had an average of 30 likes and 1 comment.. my post did better than average (72 likes) and i still didnt rank in the top 9 posts, my post didnt make it in any of the # that i used and i dont know why. could you pls give advice on how to fix this?

  10. I wish I can send you a picture of the notes I've taken down from this video. I've been watching a couple of your videos these last couple of days to know how I can get my engagement up on IG and dude you've help me out so much. I appreciate your work and please keep making more content, I obviously left a like and subscribe, keep it up!

  11. Ben i get 100 likes and 6 comments average but don't find any tags that have that engagement velocity

  12. My main question: Unlike YouTube that pays you when you get a large amount of hits, what is the point of getting too many followers, hit, Like, Comments in "Instagram'" ?

  13. *me watches this video.. omg iv been doing it wrong this whole time, i finally got the ultimate # strategy,, now all my posts are gonna go viral!

    *me post on instagram with new # strat expecting hundreds of likes…… gets max 96 views.

    *some random other post of mine with bad hashtags from last week blows up… like WTF???

  14. Am starting to get serious with my instagram page, this was really good content. I really love the pointers i got from here

  15. Can you creat your own hashtag and how would It help or bee beneficial if people used it ?! And how to make ur own hashtag popular.?!

  16. I’ll teach you how to implement your own Instagram bot in 2020 for free.

    Stop wasting time and energy like Big Ben here

  17. Great thumbnail man!👌🔥 and also the tips, will use those for sure, thanks for making this video🤙

  18. What nobody has explained in 14 videos so far is what is a hashtag. Why does a hashtag do what it does? Do people put a hashtag before a keyword before searching? How was this symbol designated to do what it does? Could that symbol have been another type of symbol? I hear what everyone is saying but no one is saying why it does what it does. Who decided on the first day to use that symbol and how did it become gospel.

  19. "3:12"
    If someone need something simply try
    Its cool for everyone!

    ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය


    I made a *communal group spreadsheet*, that we can all add hashtags to, and that we can all use to our advantage in order to effectively grow our social media platforms. On the right side of the spreadsheet, I have also added excel-based formulas to pull random hashtags from the lists and form randomized lists of hashtags, which will allow us to get a fresh set of hashtags for every post!

    All you guys gotta do is:
    1. Search up hashtags on instagram
    2. Jump on the doc and fill in the columns under the correct category for:
    – Hashtag name
    – Hashtag popularity (# of posts)
    3. Enjoy organic instagram growth, and fresh/randomized sets of hashtags for every post!

    I wanted to make this a group, communal effort, so none of us have to pay and we can all benefit!

    PLEASE SPREAD this post to all your producer friends so we can get the document populated!!!!!!



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