Installing Carpet Tiles in my Video Game Room


How I installed carpet squares in my video game room over top of wood floors using Foss 18″ x 18″ peel and stick adhesive eco-friendly Gunmetal and Black-colored tiles. Removal is also covered. Here’s the exact kind I ordered:

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  1. Tour of my room:

    Value of collection:

    Viewer comments:

    Help me choose a color:

    My Top 10 Hidden Gems:

    Fake GBA games:

    Fake PS3 controllers:

  2. i was thinking about a joke and I'm not being serious but he said vacuum the black tile if you have a white cat, I was like hmmm why don't you vacuum your cat xD

  3. How comfortable are these tiles? They'll be going on concrete (garage gaming). Since they're not padded, I wonder if they're at least going to be ok on the feet. Or maybe some of the kids (despite there being bean bag chairs) might sit on the floor for whatever reason (siblings watching their siblings play), would it be irritable on the skin?

  4. 2018 update: Black carpet is a BAD idea, especially if you have pets. I'm ripping out the black and going all grey.

  5. Damn daniel, back at it again with another video and omfg how did you even move everything that would be crazy

  6. Great video! You should consider adding some art to the walls as they are they look kinda bland but overall it's still a great setup.

  7. I disagree on the tiles, But I know the feel of upgrading something that is yours, making it yours. Just remember you will need to vacuum more often as carpets will hold onto dust and move it into the air when you walk. you can also get a miniature filter system to pull the dust out of the air in the room.


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