Lady or Ladyboy? ฝรั่งจะทายถูกไหม #ProudlyPresentTVSpecial #LadyBoy


Lady or Ladyboy? If you think you know, think again.

Check out new video from Patreeya, starring Thai transgender icon “Nong Toom Parinya”

Proudly Present ส่งท้ายปี กับเรื่องราวสาวสองสุดอเมซิ่งแห่งไทยแลนด์ ฝรั่งเค้าจะแยกออกไหม ใครเป็นใคร โฟร์จะมาตอกย้ำคำพูดของ Ellen Degeneres ที่ว่า “We’re more similar than different” อีกครั้ง

อายุ สัดส่วน ส่วนสูง น้ำหนัก ของสาวๆ ทั้ง 5 (ตัวเลขในคลิปอาจจะมีการสลับ)

Age 30
Bust 34 Waist 32 Hips 40
Height 173 cm
Weight 71 kg

Age 23
Bust 32 Waist 23 Hips 34
Height 174 cm
Weight 54 kg

Age 26
Bust 34 Waist 27 Hips 36
Height 168 cm
Weight 56 kg

Age 22
Bust 34 Waist 35 Hips 34
Height 179 cm
Weight 56 kg

Age 26
Bust 36 Waist 25 Hips 35
Height 163 cm
Weight 46 kg


ฝากติดตาม Music Video แรกด้วยนะคะ

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  1. If I was given the choice to ask 1 question or hand shake to determine if they were transgender would be one if these questions:

    What is your shoe size? Men have got bigger feet then women and it is impossible to change your shoe size

    Put your hand against mine: men have also generally got bigger hands then women and again it is impossible to change the size of their hands

    For the handshake I would actually ask them to just show me their hands up. I would then observe their ring and index fingers. Womens index finger is longer then their ring fingers. Men on the other hand have longer ring fingers then index

  2. To be honest I wouldn't care. If it was me, I would just take the hand of the girl I like and walk off and say, "come on, lets go."

  3. Want to know more about Ladyboy? Watch me 👇🏽👇🏽

  4. Wtf? Is the Nr 4 in the beginning the same as the one holding the piece of paper after the relegation?

  5. First thing i think of when someone say Thailand ?
    Muay Thai ! Ooooooyyeee ! Lock kicks and elbows 👊 not any of those you mentioned

  6. I have given a like&thumbsup but o really want to meet you once. You are smart, beautiful & can speak english really well … God bless you ka

  7. Pretty good… What I liked the most… The Speech you made at the end. Very fun and informative video. You should do more of those.

  8. I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it. Some of them are attractive. But I can’t make a baby with a man. It takes a man and a woman to make a baby. And making babies is pretty important.


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