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Little red (riding?) hood was a unlicensed NES game released for Nintend 8-bit systems. Needless to say, it sucked like almost every Unlicensed game known (remember Wisdom tree games?).
The game is (barely) based on the famous fairy tale. You know, that fairy tale where little RED HOOD spent her time kicking trees, searching for hidden dogs under rocks, dodging giant deformed bears and shooting people with a slingshot.
The game cartdidge is today a rare item in the markets and it’s sold for hundreds of dollars… Shocking, isn’t?

This is Angry Videogame Nerd episode 83


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  1. I was unfortunately stuck playing a ton of shitty classic NES games back in the day,there were so many shitty games 4 every one or 2 really good ones so a trip 2 the the old video store was always a game of F🤬ckin Roulette.There was Google or internet back then so it was all chance.Friday night would come around & we'd take a trip 2 the video store after our homework was done,the Classic NES section was huge so there were just a ton of titles I never heard of so all we had was the pics on the boxes or the simple art on the cartridge 2 go by & that was nothing but trouble.I don't know how many damn times the art on the cartridge would be awesome & then we'd get home & race in2 the basement only 2 find out the the game was terrible & had absolutely Nothing 2 do with the awesome cover art.Then we were stuck till Sunday with a pile of shit game.We passed on this nugget of shit a few times & I couldn't be happier now that we did.This game would anger me greatly.

  2. Imagine as a kid receiving a nintendo with that only game for christmas. You can't even play the game by itself. Thats fucked.

  3. 13:25 if you used a decompiler, it might be easy to find the conditional that determines that the key appears based on 1 potion and 3 sling shots. not that you should be versed in that, but a next level sort of game review series could be focused on impossible to deduce strategy revealed by the code.

  4. the nerd: you kno why its caled ridle red hood i dontknob
    me:yust say its caled litle red hiding hood brcase its the hood

  5. Y'know Nerd Sonic 3 & Knuckles is another game with the lock-on technology, although it is an official Sonic game for the Genesis in which you gotta stack sonic 3 on top of sonic & knuckles to get the intended experience


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