Minute to Win It: Magic Carpet Ride (BEAST SQUAD! VS oh my gods of wars)


While sitting on a bath mat, players must move from one side of a room to the other using the “inchworm” technique. The team to have all 5 of their players complete this challenge first wins.

This clip was taken from our 5th Annual Minute to Win It Winter Games:

More info about this event:

Continuing the tradition for its 5th consecutive year, we’ve gathered once again to play games from the TV show, “Minute to Win It”. Watch as we compete in some outrageous and over-the-top games in grand fashion. Great games for any party, special event, or occasion; and fun for both adults and kids.

Here’s the list of all the team games we played:

1. Reindeer Nose Dive
2. Bobblehead
3. Nose Dive
4. Temper Tantrum
5. Nervous Nelly
6. Magic Carpet Ride
7. Jingle in the Trunk
8. Office Fling (UK Version)
9. Ready Spaghetti (UK Version)
10. Bite Me
11. Knee Trembler
12. Face the Cookie
13. Brew-Ha-Ha
14. Cuppaccino
15. On the Rebound
16. Rapid Fire
17. Bottle Neckin’
18. Mega Bubble
19. Ping Tac Toe
20. Suck It Up
21. Back Flip
22. Horseplay
23. Uphill Battle


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  1. This is really awesome to have that as an experience.
    It looks like they are moving with the carpets.
    Might be great to experience as a game.


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