NEW Ultramarine Preview! New Wargear, Stratagems, Relics etc!


We have our first preview of the Space Marine Codex supplement and its Scions of Guilliman! We finally get confirmation on dedicated Chapter Wargear, Stratagems, Relics! I cannot wait for the Imperial Fist one!

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  1. So….correct me if I'm wrong. But Aggressors get to standard move and double shoot while Tactical Doctrine is active, no?

  2. There is one thing i think will be insane with the ultramarines with that new codex and it's the agressor primaris because, execpt if there is an errata about this, the scions of Guilliman will make them always count as stationnary and therefore shoot twice every turn after the first one ( since we need the second turn to gain the tactical doctrine ).

  3. UM get +1 to leadership, Tiggy throwing down telepathic assault on L 10, 2D3 +2 reroll failed tests. Up against Tau it’s L7 that’s 3 Mortal wounds with an average 6 following dice roll? Plus 2 on ability? I’m in love

  4. You forgot GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Remember who rescued your yellow ass from the Iron Cage!

  5. Can’t wait for my emerald clad Salamanders to get their supplement.

    Fingers crossed that Vulkan comes back with it. Not that I wouldn’t mind He’stan getting a new model but I don’t want every named character to get the Primaris buff. It just isn’t interesting if a process that kills most that go through it doesn’t seem to ever kill anyone.

  6. It's just Ultramarines and White Scars coming out this week right?
    Raven Guard and the rest coming at a later date?

    I play Raven Guard mostly but also starting on Ultramarines.

  7. Hey Valrak, first time posting on one of your videos and I don’t know if this has been discussed yet, but it seems to me they are putting emphasis on the new character models for these supplement books. This leads me to believe that each supplement book may very well come with an all new primaris upgraded character for that chapter!! What do you think??

  8. The Sanctic Halo is old and in the current (soon to be obsolete) Codex.

    Also, Scions of Guilliman is amazing. Ultramarines can Bolter Drill with it whilst things like Dreadnoughts can move forward shooting and charge.

  9. the scions of guilliman ability is going to be great combined with the repulsor executioner, it will always be able to shoot it's main gun twice and most of its other guns will benefit from the normal tactical doctrine buff

  10. The new psyker power Telepathic Assault is just a re-tooling of the Grey Knights's power Purge Soul, which does the same thing, only its a D6 roll off and then add leadership and you take mortals based on the difference (e.g. LD10 vs LD7, both of you roll a 4, so its 14 to 11 so the squad takes 3 mortals).

  11. Respectfully disagree that Blood Angels did more against the Tyranids than Ultramarines. The Angels did a lot against Leviathan, sure, but it was our Boys in Blue that duffed up Behemoth and a tendril of Kraken.

  12. Chief librarian starts to speak: "We are Ultramarines…
    Me not an Ultramarine player " Wow that dude sounds like a pompous ass."

  13. I love hearing how everyone complains about Ultramarines getting all the spotlight, it makes me like them even more!

  14. A better chapter than Ultramarines!?!

    Commissar!!! Commissar!!!
    I’ve witnessed heresy!!!
    That Valrak guy right here!!!

    I like my Primarch not captured, dead (anymore) or turned into a demon 😉

  15. That psychic power really annoys me. The Dark Angels get one that’s pretty much similar but only targets the closest within 18” and only gets the +2 if you roll over 10. Ultramarines get the same thing, just straight up better

  16. I made a mistake buying chaos space marines and now I wish I hadn't think seriously about starting new army's like Valrak has said before pick factions you love

  17. Ultra Marines: we exist
    A collective groan is heard across the galaxy, traitor, Loyalist and Xenos alike has an urge to punching something very, very hard

  18. Space Marines have relic that is straight up better verision of a Custodes relic. Ok who has been raiden the Emperor's vault

  19. I am liking what I'm seeing but it also makes me nervous at the same time. Ultra Marines essentially have a three part chapter tactic with the scions of G-man. Getting new units, ok awesome. Getting an upgrade to certain units like the Eliminators, I really liked. Stalker bolt rifles getting an upgrade was also needed. But once they showed the Doctrines thing I started to get worried as Space Marines may be in danger of becoming too powerful. Its bad enough the Dark Angels Land Raider is overcosted because when an Ultra Marines Land Raider is sitting next to G man it has insane firepower output. I feel like my Dark Angels though strong as they are, are going to need a few extra tweaks to keep up with the boys in blue. I feel like the doctrines aren't needed and when the Ultra marines have the tactical doctrine in play count as not moving? your Bolt rifle intercessor has a 36" threat range with 2 shots at -2 AP. That's insane and it may well lead to intercessors being too powerful at their current point costs, depending on how they are pointed in the new codex. This is going to bring about some serious imbalances of the game. I feel

  20. You're absolutely right Valrak, the Imperial Fists, White Scars, Blood Angels, and Space Wolves are definitely way better

  21. So basically Scions of Guilliman lets you move and rapid fire your bolt riffles/bolters at full range. It also lets you disembark Aggressors from the new transport and let's them shoot twice. If the old aggressors rules are still the same from the previous codex.


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