Old School Cruizin' Oldies


Old School Cruizin’ Oldies……(1) The Intruders – Together (2) The Manhattans – We Made It (3) Peaches & Herb – We Belong Together (4) The Intruders – (We’ll Be United) (5) The Manhattans – It Feels So Good To Be Loved So Bad (6) Peaches & Herb – Let’s Fall In Love (7) The Intruders – When We Get Married (8) The Manhattans – There’s No Me Without You (9) Peaches & Herb – United (10) The Intruders – I Wanna Know Your Name (11) The Manhattans – Wish That You Were Mine (12) Peaches & Herb – I Pledge My Love (13) The Intruders – (Love Is Like A) Baseball Game (14) The Manhattans – Hurt (15) Peaches & Herb – Close Your Eyes (16) The Intruders – Friends No More (17) The Manhattans – Kiss And Say Goodbye (18) Peaches & Herb – Reunited (19) The Intruders – Sad Girl (20) The Manhattans – Am I Losing You (21) Peaches & Herb – Let It Be Me

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  1. Love and peace will conquer all..come on people we need to unite and become one nevermind hate and race..fck we got this change is a coming..❤

  2. I just want to say Thank You So Very Much. My spirit has been down during this Quarantine And Shelter In Place that we find ourselves in And this whole Compilation of Songs took me away from everything from beginning till the End. I was able to escape the Quarantine and for that I Thank You. Much Appreciated…

  3. Gracias Robert who can go wrong with a awesome DJ like u that takes a grown and sexy person down memory lane like u thumbs 👆 on all ur old skool playlists

  4. Thanks Robert….real
    " trow-back-music"…I'm so loving it….great choices….
    Just subscribed…keep them coming….Gracias.

  5. Gracias Roberto, please remember there are some young men and women serving overseas, Pray for Peace around the world so Son and Daughter come home safe. Thanks and Viva la Raza

  6. Whhooooohooo now that's what I'm talking abt! Starting my Saturday morning with some oldies! 😎 You got my feet moving Beto! Thanks once again! Much respect from So.Ca


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