Pairing Wine with Games?


I love wine. And I also love video games. So when I first learned of Noelle’s blog “Wine and Game Pairing” it seemed so simple that it was instantly genius (this isn’t the wine talking).

So it is my pleasure to have Noelle here today to pair wine with two of my favorite video games, including a board game of her choosing. Watch as she guides us through her approach to pairing the right drink to accompany the mood and feel of a game. After all, it’s the closest she’ll get to her dream of having “smell-o-vision” in video games…

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  1. I love your editing and Audio implementation. Also! You do GREAT with a guest! Like. Really well! More Guests! xD

  2. I'm extremely impressed by the quality and content of not just this video but your channel in general. Keep it up, I'm excited for your future!

  3. Great video and idea.

    Myself I like to have a Belgian beer.

    Grim Fandango is my favorite game of all time, still got the Windows 95/98 CDROM as the download to Vita and PS4.

    Wing Commander III is probably my second fav game of all time (PS1). What would go with that…?

  4. Not the only one but we're also fans and followers of Noelle's Instagram 😊 I like that she covers board games as well. Bravo! 🍷🎮❤️

  5. The heroes of Icelandic/Norse lore were very sensitive. They wrote more poetry than they waged war and when they were depressed they would go to bed for days. One time the great warrior Egil was at dinner and the woman he liked wouldn't talk to him so he put his head under his cloak LITERALLY for the rest of the evening.

  6. Oh my god, you seems so happy with guests! I like this other side of you! Great video, I'll try too WwG. 😄


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