PC Longplay [795] Angry Video Game Nerd II – Assimilation


Played by: Spazbo4

Played on normal, the good ending is shown right after the bad ending near the end of the game

Easier than the first game but still hard to get the good ending. This time the game is split into different sections with 4 levels in each section instead of one big level with a boss at the end. This time there are mini bosses in some levels, most of which are the Nostalgia Critic. This time there is somewhat a story instead of it just being random levels of AVGN references for example one world is a board game and the mini boss for that one is Board James after he has killed Mike and Bootsy

Overall the game is much more enjoyable than the first and the final boss is laughably easy even without any upgrades

As much as I would rather have done this game in windowed mode 720p, the game would only freeze the video whenever i tried recording the game that way so I had to do it in fullscreen making it 1080p and a much bigger file size than it should have been.

Nguồn: https://taibangoc.com/

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  1. Here's a tip to defeat the Cat mech boss (didnt bother to remember the name):

    Stand very close to it at the bottom left corner of it to avoid all of it's missiles and sushi and shoot it when it's low enough

  2. The only thing I don't like about this game is how the shooting/explosion sounds just overpower the music so much that it's just not enjoyable to listen to. It's a real shame since the music is really good.

  3. 13:54 The J. Li Tanuki. What did CornShaq teach us about what a tanooki is?
    "It's basically a raccoon dog and its part of Japanese folklore. It has the ability to shape shift and its usually portrayed with an enlarged scrotum."
    Funny how they designed it for this game.

  4. Did anyone like me hear the voices of James and Mike in their heads while watching this longplay, during the dialogue scenes?


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