PISCES – 'A Deep Conversation About The Issue' – June 2020 Tarot Reading


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PISCES – ‘He Said/She Said’ Game June 2020 Tarot Reading

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Decks I’m using:
The Muse Tarot – Chris Anne
78 tarot
Sexual magic Tarot
Botacelli deck
Art Of love Deck – Denise Jarvie
Dreams of Gaia Tarot – Ravynne Phelan
The Mary-El Tarot – Marie White
Oracle of the Mermaids – Lucy Cavendish
The Psychic Tarot – John Holland
The Archangel Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue
Angels, Gods, Godesses – Toni Carmine Salerno
Work Your Light – Rebecca Campbell
Chakra Wisdom Tarot – Tori Hartman

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  2. Feeling absolutely mentally & physically exhausted! Too many needy people with no reciprocation in return..

  3. Leo is my love , we are not in communication coz of my husband i really hope we can clear the air btw me and my love leo ❤️🙏

  4. I had give a last chance to my ex Gemini but hes causing me too much stress and drama .very selfish hes playing games .I want to pull away in a right way

  5. Plz pray for me I’m pisces my husband is sagataries im waiting for my husband call msg plz pray for me plz

  6. I've been requesting this communication..someone has a deaf ear.? Be honest n true to yourself then I'll have time.

  7. Her multiple love threesomes. There is no detoxification when she has mixed and absorbed the negative karmas in different beds and with different partners. It is a long acquisition of demons and promiscuity that makes such therapy impossible. Domestic prostitution, even street or brothel prostitution, can never make a good house with the idea of ​​a family cleansed of this toxic ballast. It's the pestilential damage of non-detoxifying carnal consumption. Finally, many people sniff it hard, carelessly and carelessly. And that's how we see residual families everywhere. I really don't understand why she insists on returning now after living her long and intense love life knowing that in life such serious slips are irreparable over time. Especially after she gave her partners and three daughters. She knows that we can never be compatible again, that we belong to totally different worlds and that any idea of ​​marriage is excluded. I seriously dislike the idea of ​​ever marrying a baby mom. Well, her idea of ​​soul mates once, at the age of 18 or 20, was valid but it doesn't last long after the separation and it doesn't meet my standards of intimacy, family, affectivity, uniqueness of the couple. Unfortunately, her plan to recapture me dead in the idea of ​​procreating a child together has failed miserably. Maybe she's remorseful for what she did, realizing that she fought me for her multi-partner pleasures and addictions, and imagines that she can get me back on her way to 37. Anyway, I'm going to another cleaner marital continent and maybe she's trying to feel my irretrievable loss. , more acute. Who knows, I think he feels guilty first and foremost. But what does it matter, right? What is certain is that I only invest in pure, intact and unique love, being a convinced family man. Such are the special males who do not want and do not admit adventures. For her part, probably the regret that others put their noses in it, shattered the relationship out of envy and malice and now it's just the shards of her memories.

  8. Pisces fem here, dealing with Scorpio man. looking forward to a clear, real conversion and feeling good again.
    Thank you ☺💖💕⚘

  9. This is crazy I started hanging out with my coworker and when she got drunk she turned into a completely different person we ended up getting in a physical fight & it made me feel like shit because I don’t want to put my hands on somebody. But she really took it there and the way she was talking to me when she was drunk was really disturbing to see her that way.

  10. Anything is better than having someone stalk you with a black mask, as you tell them your on your way back home lol 😂 😂 😂

  11. Thanks darling
    Good to here dt its number 5 coz acc to numerology his number is 5 nd he is a fire sign just waiting for d good time
    Its has been too long m waiting

  12. Thank you for this reading…. it resonates with me ♓️
    I'm Pisces ♓️ in love with a Scorpio ♏️
    In a long distance relationship and I plan to relocate soon ❣️🙏🏾❣️

  13. Yeah loser Aries trying to get all thevstuff from me. Can’t wait to cut it out. They can’t manifest anything. The end.

  14. My Pisces has been abusive to me after I found out about his affair It's the other way around he's been very secretive we've been going to counseling and it's been a nightmare I'm a Scorpio the third party's cancer

  15. As I watch the reading the saying come to my mind "do no harm, but take no shit"…. I'm currently in that energy to be honest 😌 thank you and love you Sonia🧡💕😍


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