Rematch: Vishy Anand vs Praggnanandhaa | Tata Steel Chess India 2018


The Tata Steel Chess India Blitz was a double round robin event. Yesterday we published the video of round 6 where Praggnanandhaa with the white pieces heavily attacked Vishy Anand’s king. Vishy defended calmly and won that game.

The battle of generations took place once again in the 15th round. This time Anand had the white pieces. What would happen in this encounter? Would Anand extend his score against Pragg to 2-0 or would Pragg get his revenge? Check out the video to find what happened.


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  1. 6:56 look at the face of the little boy with white shirt and black jacket, in the second row from the bottom up, on the right side XD

  2. Those who r writing at these age …sab me alag alag talent hota h ..har koi chess master ban jaega to baki ka field kon dekhega ..

  3. I wish i could play chess that way,humility goes a long way and one day he will also show another small version of him moves, for all small youtubers tryna grow you'll grow.

  4. This game is really a politics. However, the game has to be learned and played very carefully. I don't understand much but it's nice to see this game.

  5. 11:02 Agar Left Brown Vala Hathi Ek Kadam Aage Rakh Deta Aur Hathi Ki Jagah Queen Rakh Deta To Match Finish Ho Jata. Tisri Chal Me Bas Hathi Se Ek Payada Katna Tha Uske Bad Pura Match Brown Vale Ke Hath Me Aa Jata.

  6. Am extremely happy today because a game of chess is grabbing lot of attention in India.

    Its a very good sign for game of chess and for India too.

    If you make kids to play chess a little their logical thinking will improve.

    Vishy is my all time hero and role model. 🙏
    He developed theories a lot (added new surprising steps) especially during worldchapionship with Vladimir Kramnik.

  7. Yes india the great chess power house ? All those world champions. Here's a thought, let the women play. Maybe you could win some titles and championships.


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