S4 League Station-2 – 6v6 Insane Carry Gameplay by Voar 🔥


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Hope you all enjoy the video! ❤️

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Alpha Team
[S4]Voar & Generalleutant & UnknownLogi & god.tchala & -Satan*. & SAS4_GALI

Beta Team
-SoloPlayer & Cc_HuNTeR_C* & Zitts & -[Zorlu.Milyoner & sdfb & -lSirLagzalotl-

Music in this video

🎵Egzod & Sinego – Patience

🎵Besomorph & Riell – Nobody

🎵Barren Gates & Alter. – Object

🎵Omri – Redo Undo

🎵Ty Cook – devil in the dress (ft. Rockstar Soda)

🎵xChenda – Red Light

🎵Lil Xtra – All The Same (prod. Kado)

🎵Lil Playah – need you (prod. Nick Mira)

🎵Rival – Be Gone (ft. Caravn)

🎵Unknown Brain & Hoober – Begin Again (ft. Riell)

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  1. يَسِطِا وَالُلُُه بّحُبّ لُْعبّكِ وَكِمٌلُ فَيَدِيَوَُهاتْ s4

  2. Dude i remeber the time i had a potato as Pc and played s4 for a couple of years when I was young…. so many years ago but at least I was nearly as good as u back in the time

  3. Bro, you fail too much because you try to pretend being pro only using ps and messed it up most of the times because of that, you have more skill if you use your three weapons and the gameplay would be more amazing. I liked the video, though, I only say this from my respect and as a suggestion. Keep it up. 🙂


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