Sepsis: A Simulation for Healthcare Education


This video is one in a series created for nursing and healthcare educators for use in a variety of settings. Complete information about this scenario, from set-up to debriefing questions, can be found at

Montgomery College’s nursing program currently enrolls 400 students annually at the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus. Students who successfully complete the nursing curriculum earn an associate of science degree (A.S.) in nursing and are qualified to take the examination to be licensed as a registered nurse. The nursing program also participates in the Maryland Articulation Model, which allows students to transfer to a four-year state college or university to complete a bachelor’s degree in nursing. For more information about Montgomery College’s nursing program, visit:


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  1. This was excellent. I recently had cellulitus circumferentially of the lower right leg. Shady Grove was excellent they put me on an IV of the V named medicine you have here to prevent sepsis and rid my body of the cellulitis. I also like how they share the med notes on the beginning of shifts. They did that at SG too. I learned a lot at that hospital.I am an MC student.This is an excellent video.I like how she praised him for being alerted to possiible Sepsis too.


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