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Skannerz was Radica’s cool toy that let kids collect Monsters by scanning Barcodes…as long as they could find them.

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  1. So there's this weird toy/game I remember having years ago, but I can't find any information about it whatsoever when I try to describe it.

    It looked like a bulkier green/orange Dreamcast controller (massive screen) but on top of the device it had ports for the key part of the game, water tanks that held random animals inside of them. The ones I distinctly remember having were a T. Rex, crocodile, and great white. Gameplay was porting your tank on the device and you'd fight random other animals using buttons on the controller which also moved your animal in the tank. Had a bit of a Tamagotchi aspect I think since there was a way to train them as well?

    Edit: I got this one Christmas and remember it was sometime after Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, but before Black and White.

  2. I didn't have trouble finding stuff as much as your experience. I can't imagine the barcodes from my childhood being different so I'm not sure why you were having trouble finding stuff. I did scan stuff multiple times though, that's the only thing I can think of. I also used barcodes from grocery stores mostly so who knows lol. My Skanner was the green one I believe.

  3. I not only had a Skannerz but I also had this Jurassic Park scanning PC game where you would scan barcodes for dinosaur DNA. You would then attach the device to your computer, and through a full 3-D game you installed with a disc you would clone dinosaurs and use other DNA to mutate them and use them to play through a story mode or battle in an arena against other mutant dinosaurs.

    Yes, it was Jurassic World before Jurassic World. Except it was better.

  4. I remember I scanned my butt (while wearing jeans) and got a monster somehow. I lost my shit when that happened. Eventually all my monsters died and I couldn't find anymore though so I never really made any progress

  5. Me and my older brother had one when they came out, I had the red one and he had the blue one, you also could have had issues scanning because of the device's age, i found one of mine a while back and tried using it again and found that the old age might have affected its scanner but I'm not sure honestly but this was a fun toy to have when I was younger.

  6. My brother and I had one but we never could figure it out so we just scanned random barcodes and let it beep at us 😂😂😂

  7. 1:53 This talked to me on a whole spiritual level.

    Let me tell you a story:

    When I was 2 years old, my mum and my dad divorced. When I was 7, my dad used to come every weekend to my mom's house, and take me with my aunts and cousins to play.

    We used to ride on bicycles, go to the park, make tunnels in the dirt, play super smash bros, play pokémon, make nerf wars, go to the arcades… I always, always had a blast with them. I loved those weekends.

    I also aturally loved my dad, because I was too dumb to realize that he only picked me up, left me in my aunt's house and very rarely spent any time with me.

    Years passed, and my dad took me to the Office Depot along with his new family. I didn't think anything of the situation. I was still a dumb kid, and I was happy to be with my dad for once.

    We walked onto the kid's aisle, where they have all the finger paints, the craft materials, the colored crayons… and the Silly Putty.

    I had nothing, and still have nothing against the other kid… we share blood, but we never ever talked to each other. He was never there with my cousins. He was absent in my life much like my dad. He was and still is a mere stranger like any other person you see on the street. My dad never made any effort to make us connect, and neither of us was interested in doing that.

    We both saw that shiny golden egg with a lot of interest. And dad decided to take it off the shelf and add it to the shopping basket.

    "You'll see what this is once we get home."

    We went home, and that deformed mass of plastic amazed me.

    I remember my dad molding it into a tiny golden ball and making it bounce. Spreading it onto a sheet of newspaper and copying the letters and the images off the paper. It was amazing. I wanted, really wanted to play with it.

    I was too dumb to realize that he only bought one. And my dumb little heart was broken when he put it back into the egg and handed it to his son.

    Man, I felt bad. But tried to not make much of a deal of it. Looking back, it was pure shit. I was never a spoiled little shit that measured love in how many useless gimmicks people gave him,and my dad was never abusive… But I realized that my dad not only never bought me anything, but he never spent any time with me. He showed more affection for his Marvel comics trading card collection than for me, and despite how many times he told me how much he wanted to visit me, he never did. Despite knowing where I lived, he never knocked the door. He didn't care, and I didn't either.

    Can't say that I feel terrible. My dad is also a stranger to me now. We both lived a fine life without the other.

    Now, over 15 years later, I was wandering one day with nothing to do. And what do people do when they have nowhere else to go? They go buy office supplies…

    And then I saw it.

    The metallic gold silly putty egg.

    Man, I never felt so many emotions over a piece of polymer. I knew what I had to do.

    Getting it on my hands felt strangely cathartic. I felt vindicated. Now I was gonna get it. It was finally mine. Mine and mine alone.

    And then I bought it. Brought it back home, and spent the evening playing with it.

    I felt better. Much better.

  8. Reminds me of the Monster Ranchers Ps1 game where you could unlock monsters by putting a random disk in. It was awesome!

  9. this was one of those toys that fell into the "interesting but my parents wouldn't buy me one and I wasn't interested enough to spend Christmas money on it" category. very cool to see what they're actually like

  10. You know if they made this again but as an app on smartphones I can see this being revived I mean they already have scanner apps on the google play store

  11. Thoughts: What if people started drawing their own codes, pencil and paper makes a personal scannerz monster…

    1 code gives you 2 monsters, if you read it forward and backwards!

  12. B-Daman was weird needs to come next, it had an anime and toys, was this weird Gundam-esque with like a marble launcher in the middle. I just barely remembered it.

  13. Seeing that shirt and knowing what the Cat in the Hat is really about just makes that "trust me i'm a doctor" shirt way more fucked up. Like i really want to know what Universal was thinking 😂

  14. As a kid who always got stuck with mom at the grocery store, I wanted this shit so bad. You mean I can turn shopping into a game? Sign me the fuck up!

  15. Oh my god I had the Barbie one! I never knew how to work it! This whole time the aspect felt so familiar and now I know why! Same experience with the Barbie one though, lots of frustration and absolutely no work to show for it.

  16. Fun fact, it didn't actually read the bar codes. Just checked for black lines. You can scan the same bar code over and over again and get the same result.


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