Sweden – Minecraft [Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia) // Torby Brand


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Torby Brand made another soothing arrangement for a Minecraft soundtrack. Enjoy “Sweden”!

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Composer(s): Daniel Rosenfeld

Arrangement © Torby Brand (2017)
Original Music © C418 (2011)

Nguồn: https://taibangoc.com/

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  1. Minecraft cover #4! Hope you guys enjoy it! Winter is drawing close, so my next choice might be inspired by that 😉

    Thanks for sharing Mario! And as always, please do check out my performance and sheet music ^.^

  2. когда я играл в майнкрафт на старых версиях мне правилась эта музыка

  3. this song makes me remember memories I never even had.
    I just started playing, like, a year ago…
    And I am so very happy to have found my home on the internet :')


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