Tested: Mechanical Gaming Keyboards


What makes a good mechanical keyboard? And why are peripheral companies releasing new gaming keyboards so frequently? Patrick and Norm discuss the state of this essential accessory, and how the switches in new keyboards from Corsair, Razer, and Logitech compare. Which type of switch do you prefer?

Shot by Joey Fameli
Edited by Norman Chan

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Tested is:
Adam Savage
Norman Chan
Simone Giertz
Joey Fameli
Adam Isaak
Kishore Hari
Patrick Norton
Frank Ippolito
Sean Charlesworth
Jeremy Williams

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  1. Crossie razie legitech are chrap shitty keyboard specjalny razer , of u want a Prosper mechaniczny keyboard build your own

  2. i have used a cheap logitech k200 keyboard (membrane) for more than 6 years. everything is great, it's still working perfectly. i bought it for like 15 bucks if not less.
    the only thing that shows it is used for years is that the place where my thumb rest on the space bar is a bit more polished plastic, compared with the rest more brushed plastic. and that's it…

    i have tried one or two mechanical keyboards, but i don't see the point. they are usually way more expensive, make a lot of noise… yes they feel kind of nice but if i'm getting a mechanical keyboard i'm not spending hundreds of dollars… and seems like almost all want such money

  3. Something that wasn't mentioned is that you can use gaming keyboards for productivity purposes since they usually have macros and other such things.

  4. I'm more keen to know what the response times of these keyboards are in use. Apparently the PS/2 port is quicker than USB and is better with regards to not missing a key when multiple keys are being pressed.

  5. As far as i remember my razor black widow contains kailh switches not cherry & now their switches made by flaretech or greentech whichever they are ; these new switches are great bt i moved back to cherry mx red again. Always best for fps cherry mx red 🍒😘😗😍

  6. if you are a real hardcore high level gamer the gpro is nice but it gives the smallest advantage, has very limited customization options and it is harder to type on for me i think idk why

  7. My outdated Zboard that was bought in 2004 is my go to MMO keyboard. It's a full keyboard layout with a special left hand condensed button panel and a programmable layout it has always been the best for every multi-button ability style game. Steele Series bought them out somewhere around 2008 and never supported it with software updates for windows 7/8/10. The software still works but is no longer re-programmable and causes ghost windows to pop up on the desktop. It has become an integral part of my gaming set up for 14 years and it would be very difficult to retrain my hand for another layout.

  8. why the hate for razor?

    i know they are expensive, but i got my blackwidow ultimate 2014 in 2014 and its now 2018 and the only reason im looking for another one is since i would like to try brown or red type switches. but so far i havent been able to find anything for the same price that meets all the standards i had with this keyboard. Nothing broke in over 3 years.

  9. Been using a CM Storm keyboard by Coolermaster for years. It cost $15 new. The only real complaint I have with it is the spacebar is wobbly.

  10. I've been using a CoolerMaster Quickfire Pro that I bought 7 years ago. It still holds up and is near perfect for me as a gamer and typer. The cherry reds are really cool. The funny thing about it is only a quarter of the board lights up but since I never really look at it when I'm typing and gaming, it's never bothered me. (Newer models fully light up lol)

  11. I've been using the black widow v2 for over a year now, and it still works great. They also have yellow switches now btw. Which is 1.2mm

  12. norm said these switches are between 45 and 50 grams… the mx cherry black is 60 grams and the mx cherry clear has a peak of 65 grams. do your homework and dont just guess giving false info. i cant take these guys seriously

  13. Patrick, please, listen to the man before you start making a hand gesture, saying right, and immediately segway into something irrelevant.

  14. I've been watching Patrick Norton for over 15 years and he still irritates me. You are not the most amazing person in the room. He is wrapped around himself and doesn't care what anyone else says.

  15. i actually just bought my Corsair K70 Rapidfire RGB on oct for my bday…satisfied with it so far (outside the occasional times i mispressed a button accidentally since i'm still getting used to a mechanical keyboard after years of laptop membrane). the clicking sound is still there (didn't mind that), but it's sure as hell responsive compared to the ancient logitech keyboard i have in the office (which is absurdly terrible for gaming)

  16. I've been using the logitech G15 since about 2009. Been through a whole load of crap and liquids. Still works fine, some keys are starting to become a little slugish. But I fixed that by buying a new Razer Mechamembrane keyboard a few weeks ago. and I honestly don't want to go back. But it will become a test of time tbh.

  17. I had a Razer Naga mouse that slowly fell apart over 5 years. I paid £60 for a mouse that had half the build quality of a 12 year old £25 Saitek Gm3200 mouse I am using now.

  18. Is the romer g keycaps abs?Double shot? Can someone pls tell me what the keycaps made from pbt, polycarbonate?Double shot?


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