The Game Chasers Mini Chode – No Shame, No Game


During Retropalooza 4 BIlly picks up several games he has to have, while Eric continues to be Eric.

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Intro and outro theme:

Music from
Epic Game Music

Cartoon drawings by:
Kimberly Toon

The Game Chasers are 2 friends hunting for retro video game in flea markets, garage sales, game stores and people’s homes! And they are a bunch chodes


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  1. Rewatching videos while I clean the apartment 😎😎😎 👌🏻 you guys rock can’t wait to see you in Cali! ….stupid chodes…

  2. Wow, what about the marriage proposal that was planned to happen in April in Pasadena? It was supposed to be my proposal actually. It was planned in advance, and then the Game Chasers got "too busy" and "forgot".

  3. thx for making stuff like this. it gives me something to watch and enjoy, while i am laid up after getting hit by a car on my motorized bike. keep up the great videos even thow it hurts to laugh..

  4. I have to tell you guys, I been going through a ruff divorce. An you guy set my day. I love your video and hope to meet you guys someday. Thanks for being here for me.

  5. Billy is always hotter than that Australian dude.. he is too coincided. Not hot and not productive. Sorry…


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