The Game Chasers Mini-Chode: Side Quests


The Chodes go on a few side quests in preparation to entering Canada

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Intro and outro theme:



The Game Chasers are 2 friends hunting for retro video game in flea markets, garage sales, game stores and people’s homes! And they are a bunch chodes


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  1. Next month I am going to buy a Nintendo 2ds $79 model with mario kart 7 and Animal Crossing new leaf and will name my town and myself a game chasers theme good times

  2. I know this episode is 3 years old, but I'm from Buffalo, NY, and I can tel you with certainty, the retro game stores there are utter crap.

  3. Scott is John Cena, Jay is Tommy Dreamer, 8-Bit Eric is Chavo Guerrero, Billy is Shawn Michaels. That's all I got right now.

  4. So I hope you see this, I'm from Buffalo and well a local radio station morning show threw a brand new launch edition PS4 (may be more than one) over Niagara Falls

  5. Seriously, the American side of Niagra Falls looks stupid. You can't even see anything. It's like up stream. At least on the Canadian side you can see everything

  6. I noticed that the audio is much louder on the right channel at some parts of the video (Scott's house for example, also on some of the interviews). It might be notable only when using headphones so it's not that bad

  7. Order of jealousy
    3. Jays Beard
    2. Hot slots
    1. The Wolf Shirt

    Makes me want to stick my wolf pack in Jays Hot Slot……Dammit Retro- Note to self- "Use your filter when speaking to the Game Chasers"

  8. Order of jealousy
    3. Jays Beard
    2. Hot slots
    1. The Wolf Shirt

    Makes me want to stick my wolf pack in Jays Hot Slot……Dammit Retro- Note to self- "Use your filter when speaking to the Game Chasers"

  9. Niagara Falls NY is like a third world country…you guys should of explored on the Canadian side its so much better

  10. i love collecting as much as the next guy, but don't any of you guys hit an apex and say
    "I want all the NES games, but am I REALLY going to play them all?"
    I used to want every NES and SNES game, then I realized that was stupid as hell because I didn't want any bad games, just the fun ones. Nowadays, it isn't like collecting was back in the late 90's. Most stuff I see at yard sales and flea markets are becoming more and more 6th gen and less 3rd-5th gen, if there is any of that though, its almost always junk.

    I feel like my area has dried up, the gold is all gone and the prospectors should move on. i've been hunting in my area since 1996, back went NES games were 25 cents to a dollar a piece. I knew this day would come, but I always hoped i'd be dead before then.

  11. I got the Super Famicom version of Hagane for 15 bucks several years ago, seems like even that is going up now though (not nearly as much as the SNES version of course).

  12. they didn't realize they were on the wrong side of the falls… Those are the shitty falls the good ones are on canada's side.

  13. My god, boys. Cross the border first, then visit the falls. Where all the shit is and the killer view. You could piss on the border from there. Love ya

  14. Hope you guys get over the border next episode, the falls on our side is soooooo much better! That game room is amazing! good stuff @Grimsie42 : )

  15. Passed on a Hagane for around 20 bucks about five years ago (wasn't worth much at the time). Haven't seen it since and prices are ridiculous now. Only good thing is I got mega man 7 that day for around 30 bucks.

  16. Cool Mini-Chode.
    Scott's game room and basement look awesome.  Slowly working on the wife to allow me to have more than one cabinet at the moment.  Going to try a sit down cocktail cabinet next and then work on another upright cab 🙂

  17. All those games you mentioned, I was Lead Developer on all of them. Any hoot, I'm off to Iraq to take ISIS out, alone. Wish me luck.

  18. That NES Repair game that Grimsie has is currently on shopgoodwill. here is the link to anyone who wants to see it!–More-20393296.html

    It is going for good money!


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