"THE GAME IS LITERALLY HELL" | Reading Fate/Grand Order (English) One Star Reviews


Over the past year I have heard many complaints coming from FGO NA or Fate/Grand Order (English) Server. I have been one of the most outspoken people regarding FGO. Yet, it seems that whenever I express my opinions (mostly backed by personal experience and facts) I get backlash from people who probably dedicate their lives to this game, and can’t stand to hear anybody talk bad about it. So let’s see what the response is when I read the criticism of other people. (This will be one of my higher disliked videos even though I’m just reading what other people say.)

Anyway, this is supposed to be fun, and spark a constructive dialogue on what the true problems of the game are, but what do I know? I don’t speak positively about FGO all the time so I should die. :^) (Did you catch the sarcasm in this post?)

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  1. The only thing FGO fucks up is mixing Essenses with Servants, we should have different banners for those that way the rates could keep the same but atleast we had a bigger chance for the Servant we wished, but the game is build to scam so of course they wont change it

  2. All I get is craft essences. I mean whilst some of the Craft Essences are good I'd prefer to have a neat servant to try out the skills and stuff and actually have something to use potentially instead of a CE that's literally useless and I'm never going to use. Looking at you CEs that were in the Salieri and Ivan banner

  3. 10:24 I have been playing for 8 months now in NA as F2P, have 6 SSR's already, one of them an NP2. Lost my account 2 times already. How did I recover my account then? Sent them a email. Listed all of my servants, their levels, my favorite one, my id number (this is the most important and crucial one), my master name – well everything I know about my account. If you can name all your servants and their level the better. Don't forget the part of the game you have last played. I even told them I have screenshots. 2 days later I receive the recovery codes/transfer numbers. You CAN recover your account. It is possible.

  4. F2p nowadays got huuuuuuuge advantage trough friend support&overleap ap bonus trough level up, just follow guide&grind daily

  5. Can I get some help? Whenever I get to Battle the loading screen is loading so long, I mean the loading screen last longer than the fight pls help me😢

  6. I’ve been playing f2p this for a year now, I have a bunch of SRs and 7 SSRs now.
    The reviewers either have horrible luck or just they sinned to the point that god hates them.

  7. I love Fate Grand Order. But it isn't a perfect game. Here are my personal problems (other than Rate Up being a lie of course)

    Limited Time Events: While having good and/or fun stories, they are only available for a short time, and therefore, you can miss out the story for it. Sometimes, they are even referenced in the main story so it can get a little confusing when they referenced meeting a character before. However, I heard JP is implementing a way to play old events atop of the newer ones, so this complaint might change, depending on how it actually works.

    Grinding: Grinding for embers and materials is a chore. Materials themselves are hard to get outside of events, and ember farming is boring. I hope they implement a way to skip the daily quest after being done once, or something like that. As for materials, maybe increase the drop rate in the class specific farming nodes.

    Leveling up the bonds of servants is very difficult as well beyond level 5. Craft Essences like Chaldea Lunchtime is limited and too few. Maybe a craft essence that is similar or to a lesser effect, or higher level farming nodes that gives more bond points.

    Early stages of the game: Yeah, they can be a bit boring. While it gets better, I think adjusting the boss battles of the earlier singularities (like giving them some gimmicks like the servants of Camelot and beyond, but not as difficult) could help.

    Reenacting moments of the story: A bit more of a personal gripe. Epic moments of the story cant be relived outside of the limited time memorial quests. And even then, they are treated more like challenge quest difficulty. Would have preferred them to be level 90 level inestead of 90+. I think they could at least add a node in the singularity to reenact the boss fight. Especially for Solomon, so I can hear thay epic bgm again in a fight.

    And those are my complaints. Does anyone else have their own?

  8. Paid quartz are better than free quartz? I literally got three 5 stars and 2 for stars (one of them NP3) with my first 120 quartz and 15 tickets. This is without including the 5 star CEs which were also good.

    In the other hand, my first package of paid quartz was a total disaster, the second one was a way better, since I only needed 60 quartz to get what I needed so the rest is going to my Skadi savings account.

  9. I'm one of the dumbest players out there, and have the luck of gods having Jalter, Cu Alter, Hercules and Waver from free rolls (I'm not counting a lot more of 5 stars that i got and haven't spell a single penny). It's just that i only played the game because i liked Merlin design and since i'm too lazy to look out for the dates for the rate ups each time there's a banner for him i don't have a single quartz to roll for him. I think the only time i got salty because of the Gacha is that i had 300+ Quartz (I don't usually roll if the character don't appeal to me so i end up with absurd amounts that i spent on a single banner) for Shiki Saber and got not even a 4 star out of it this sunday…

  10. Proof that Destiny Child is a way better game.
    Fate/Grand Order overall review score: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aniplex.fategrandorder.en
    Destiny Child overall review score: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.linegames.dcglobal

  11. By numbers the rates are definitely low but that is the reason why they are called super and super super rare (sr, ssr). I think if the rates are the same with other games then you wont better appreciate the characters you have. Most players griping on the summon rates just want to have their fave characters and thats just it. The game was not designed for them in my opinion which ends up not fitting to their tastes. I for one if i dont get the servant i want i just make it a mission to eventually get them in the future. Due to the abysmal rate up i loved my elizabeth caster up till i got my waver and everytime i see eli caster it fills me up with nostalgia on how hard i played this game throughout its life

  12. Lol I only have 4 5 stars so far hopefully I get supreme lifeform, Hassan or skadi if not I pray I get cu alter

  13. For perversing historical character problem, I don't really see it as a problem since this is a fiction for reason if this game really historically accurate then I would hate nearly all of the characters since to be honest most of them while "Noble" in real life they also have kinda shitty personality and action to boot
    Also most of these comments seems coming from newbies to Gacha game since most of them is similar like this if not worse
    Even more if you complaint about Gacha Rate, that just mean you're not worthy of that servant since you immediately complain when things didn't go your way just like me can't get Tamamo at all

  14. Can someone help me i cant play fgo in my home it keeps saying"failed to connected" i have to play at someone else house how do i fix this i havent able to play fgo in my home since last week

  15. The only thing I bring up is the save data thing because literally It needs to be fix over all good game

  16. I don't mind the chances being so low, once i eventually get an SSR. I feel like I made a major achievement since the chances of it happening are so low.

  17. My main complaint about FGO is the fact, that they're still giving EXP cards on daily basis instead of something far more useful like silver or golden apple.

    Oh, and broken support list, ofc.

  18. Honestly I like FGO because of the servants attack animations and that they try to update some servants animations though they should update a few other servants (looks at Ushi and a few others)

  19. “The gotcha rates are abysmal”
    Me:Looks at my 4 SSRS I pulled in JP within the span on 2 weeks cause of JPS new newcomer campaign

  20. "Not enough Free Saint Quartz"

    Looks at JP vers. Yea, the missions and story missions gives like x10 quartz and 7 quartz shards each XD

  21. 10/11, fgo stole my fning account, and a recent saints quarts purchase, lost about a year of progress, did not know, i needed a code, cant get back in, no support, its a total waste of time and money! ego is a total rip off, screw those bastards!

  22. Interesting how some companies do trim down a game's casino aspect by popular demand. The TCH Weiss Schwartz guarantees ultra rare cards and a minimum of rare provided you buy a certain quantity. Admittedly the price is high but imho it's better to spend 50$ once or twice than to think mictotransactions are ok and end up in the hundreds.

  23. I would've agreed that the game is greedy if the F2P options were trash but this game has bar-none the best F2P units I've ever seen in a gacha game. I mean, Cu and Hans, need I say more.


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