The Story of Mountain God and Ocean God (Cổ tích Sơn Tinh Thủy Tinh Tiếng Anh) | Saigon Storyteller


From Ancient Vietnamese Folklore.

“…He called for heavy rain and strong wind to come, raise the ocean tides, flood all of the rice fields and houses around the area… The storm got stronger and the water level higher, more ocean monsters came to support, waiting for the Ocean God’s order…

All of the people in the country supported the Mountain God. Strong men tried to build dams to stop the water, that’s the origin of many dams in Vietnam nowadays. The Mountain God himself didn’t flinch at all, he used his power to pick huge mountains up from other places, to arrange them here as a huge wide wall, to stop the water. His army hurled big rocks and boulders at the Ocean God’s army. Bodies of dead monster fishes, annacondas or turtles floated all over the surface.” …

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