The Top 8 Video Game Studio Applicant Mistakes!


Avoid these common game studio applicant mistakes! Are you applying to work for a game studio for the first time? How do you stand out from your peers or the thousands of new grads entering the job market each year? How can you nail an interview? If you think this is a lot to think about, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a competitive world out there, and game development is a competitive industry to break into.

In this video, we’ll go over the top mistakes that we see candidates make, and share simple things that you can do to avoid them!

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  2. Number 1 is really important because sometimes we can get too busy with our personal projects, learning a new skill, building on our portfolio, or just spending a lot of time applying for jobs that we don't have time to play games. Every single time I was interviewed for a gaming job, I was ALWAYS asked "what games have you been playing recently" and sometimes it was hard for me to answer that because sometimes I get so busy with work that I can't find time for games.

  3. I watch every video specifically to laugh at the clever little puns at the beginnings of the videos.

  4. Thanks! This is handy! I am an IT student planning to slowly shift from gamedev, I have a lot of hiatus projects(very bad) but I have reasons to justify it and I really want to breakthrough. Guess I need to make something quick and show to the company I'll be interning (game tester intern). Wish me luck!

  5. I have a question to ask. Is it worth telling or showing game projects you are currently working on your spare time, even they are not finished?

  6. Ok thanks in my interview I’ll blow off my legs and start blasting my way around the room, thanks for the tip 😀

  7. Hey Ask Gamedev, I'm a student in Game Technology, and i'm passionate in Game Design. However, there's a certain stigma here that the best way to be in the game industry is becoming an Artist or Programmer. I researched around and am pretty sure this is not true.
    However, as a Game designer i'm still not sure on future career paths.
    Should i just keep making games and fingers crossed hope a studio picks me up, or go full entrepreneur and make my own studio?
    Is it even possible for some random dude in a random polytechnic in a third world country to gain an internship abroad in a big studio?

  8. Don't know why I'm watching this, still in school lol, but when I leave school I want to become a game developer and I'll definitely come back to this video.

  9. I been with ask gamedev since he have about 1k subs now 10k congratulations keep it up :). Your videos help me a lot!!!

  10. Ello and thank you. Your vids are helping me with TSA and the quality of the videos are pretty amazing I hope you make more.

  11. so about the contact info,

    u'll find me everyday on Fortnite, beasttMaster69 is my name and building roofs is my game

  12. I like video games

    that fortnite, oh boi

    if Satan had a book, Fortnite would have been mentioned at least 6 times


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