TheFatRat – Fly Away feat. Anjulie


Hi friends 💛 My new song Electrified is OUT NOW. Watch the video here & my earlier music here
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Art by @Jordan Grimmer

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  1. I am Japanese and comment on translation. I love this song Of course, The Fatlat is also. I learn English to know the meaning of this song. Someday, I want to talk to you in the comments section❤

  2. Can l copy this song and cover the screen and upload it on YouTube?

    “I am from korea”

  3. Woooohooooo finally i found this song so long i found it in 2020 hahahha so loooooong day bruh long day i like it and i try found it i dont kwon what tittle this song but now i kwon god finally

  4. Brother I was wondering where were all these songs came from now I know you’re the best song creator

  5. The art is the thing i love about this, it’s what otakus can only fantasize about, the thing we want from life, or at least what I want


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