Tommy Edwards – It's All In The Game


It’s All In The Game by Tommy Edwards

Many a tear have to fall
But it’s all in the game
All in the wonderful game
That we know as love

You have words with him
And your future’s looking dim
But these things
Your hearts can rise above

Once in a while he will call
But it’s all in the game
Soon he’ll be there at your side
With a sweet bouquet

And he’ll kiss your lips
And caress your waiting fingertips
And your hearts will fly

(Soon he’ll be there at your side)
With a sweet bouquet
Then he’ll kiss your lips
And caress your waiting fingertips
And your hearts will fly

(C) 1958 MGM Records


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  1. how refreshing, this comments here are all so polite and nice, instead of people always fighting over the internet
    what a wonderful song, thanks jumanji for jotting my memories, long live the 50s, 60s and 70s

  2. Jan Marfyak I fell in love with this song many years ago, danced to it and cherish it. She was my love and when I hear it, there are tears. Lyn.

  3. My late wife (of 51 years) and I loved this tune and the unvarnished sentiments it conjures up. I miss you, Annie. I'm glad you liked the oldies.

  4. My favorite song of the 50s…just beautiful! Who are the tone deaf dingbats giving a thumbs down to this???

  5. It was the number one song the day my older brother was born and we had it played during his 50th Birthday party

  6. Who's here because of 50s on 5 on Sirius xm? Because I'm so old that I just realized its on YouTube.

  7. I'm 77 too. Same thing as others say. I get very nostalgic and remember dancing at the KofC. I'm afraid many of the boys I danced with have gone now. Such a beautiful singer.

  8. It’s said that an American Vice President wrote this song. I don’t know which. But the lyrics are awesome.

  9. Fun fact: the melody of this song was written in 1912 by Vice President Charles Gates Dawes. He and Bob Dylan are the only people with Nobel Peace Prizes to have been credited with #1 pop hits.

  10. I think I was 9 years old when this song was released. Even at the age i loved this song. It played on the radio. I would sing along. Classic.

  11. Honey for ears I'm just 21 and I love these classics. I'm thankful to be able to witness this masterpiece from back then.


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