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  1. 7:16 I just want to tell ya there are five different locations for each day, some people have different ones…

    Monday: Dino Valley
    X: 388 Y: 74
    X: 339 Y: 32
    X: 330 Y: 33
    X: 352 Y: 33
    X: 299 Y: 73

    Tuesday: Golden Hills Valley
    X: 46 Y: 102
    X: 83 Y: 136
    X: 56 Y: 98
    X: 56 Y: 117
    X: 85 Y: 116

    Wednesday: Mirror Marshes
    X: 167 Y: 316
    X: 149 Y: 332
    X: 167 Y: 339
    X: 148 Y: 325
    X: 133 Y: 320

    Thursday: Greendale
    X: 105 Y: 250
    X: 111 Y: 241
    X: 91 Y: 225
    X: 99 Y: 246
    X: 82 Y: 254

    Friday: Mistfall
    X: 357 Y: 326
    X: 398 Y: 325
    X: 364 Y: 295
    X: 382 Y: 299
    X: 369 Y: 315

    Saturday: Vineyard
    X: 129 Y: 177
    X: 123 Y: 170
    X: 123 Y: 182
    X: 129 Y: 172
    X: 126 Y: 173

    Sunday: MIstfall
    X: 380 Y: 320
    X: 360 Y: 356
    X: 327 Y: 318
    X: 322 Y: 258
    X: 302 Y: 254

    I just wanted to write this for yall so you don't get frustrated if you can't find yours

  2. when you first get the quest do you go to the day you got it on? So like if you got it on Wednesday would you do the east epona coordinates or the one for Monday?

  3. Hij just a question…. Where did you get those sunflowers for the mane and tale of your horse? I see them everywhere and want them so bad😂 luv your vids by the way you amazing lolz💗💗💗💗🐎

  4. So I did Monday's and Wednesday's quests some weeks earlier, so does it matter if you don't do them in order? Like do you only have to do those quests from every day of week, not in order? I didn't find today Monday's fox from Dinovalley, is it because I already did it earlier? Please someone answer, I can't find any info elsewhere 🙁

  5. This is not related to the video whatsoever but I am new to sso and I have a question. Can I play sso on wednesday? I know its update day but does that mean I can't play it the whole day?

  6. Hey huge fan! How do i D.M you I'm a dummy so i don't know but huge fan i been with you since i first seen your YT love your videos!

  7. Hey! I've been playing SSO for a few months now and I am already level 16. Am I moving through the game too fast? I know that some people have been playing for years. How long did it take you to reach level 22?

  8. starstable needs to knock it off with the repetitiveness in their quests. the spiders, the dino plush, the butterflies. nobody has time to hunt the whole map (or even use video guides) to find all these things ugh and the quests that take us ACTUAL DAYS of waiting? how do they expect the adults who play this game to play their quest line when they are asking impossible tasks???

  9. Wow I like how she thought we would think she is smart by her thinking that she should go wild even though it does say so yeah. 😂

  10. There’s a secret quest in Greendale where you follow a voice into the forest. You should check it out! I haven’t seen anyone else do it yet😆


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