Under | Sinking Ocean Liner (Closed Beta)


Ships Sinking. Haunted memories of my past are coming for me. Life is great… Welcome to the Under Closed Beta!

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Outro Song by Mr Weebl

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  1. Very interesting game, remembers me also on Titanic because there are identic details, looks like Scotland Road and third class cabins 😎 But what have you done 😳! You damaged the ship 😂🤣😅

  2. Bit late, but I don't care…here are my thought on the demo…

    It's such a vast improvement to the first demo, (alpha?) the monster? Ghost? Demon thing? Isn't janky and awkward anymore…my only criticism is that there isn't alot of chase scenes like in the first demo, which I was hoping to see improved, the main character is still a bit tall aswell so that's one thing they still need to fix from the first demo, but this isn't the whole game so maybe in the future they'll fix it, the ship actually floods this time rather than how you put it soggy floors, it makes the experience better and keeps it at a level pace.

    I hope it isn't too much of a key simulator because then id feel it'd be too similar to that one titanic game we don't want to mention here, I feel it'd just get a bit too tedious after a while. But overall not bad, I'm gonna keep my expectations LOW though, because I was quite disappointed with "the beast inside", whilst it wasn't my most anticipated game of last year, I was still looking forward to it and I hope it doesn't end up the same with this, it doesn't look like it's gonna be as long though, looking forward to see the final product…and that's all on that

  3. I have an odd feeling that ive read books and watched several movies about something that resembles that enviroment but i cant quite name the thing for some reason…

  4. 7:20 you have left us captaaainn spammals… you left us to drown in deepths of ocean… Do you think you can ESCAPE! They will get you for your deeds… Don’t play before us Caaptain… You should know what you have done… You sunk the Hospital ship… Although it was prohibited… They lost souls are still crying at the straits… Be warned Oscar von Spammals…Be warned…

  5. Spammals, can you play Minecraft again? But not just normal Minecraft. You can actually download Minecraft worlds from websites. Those worlds are called “maps”. One of these websites is planetminecraft.com . There are a few Titanic maps out there that are extremely detailed like CronosDarth’s Titanic map ( https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/rms-titanic-2016-new-scale/ ). Can you play that? It has full interior too.

  6. WWI Veteran Returning home!
    Spammals – 2020
    Me: So flattered.
    Spammals: I expected more….
    Me: Okay enjoy the sinking ship.


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