VR War Games & Nintendo Switch – Rant & Bollox Gaming Podcast


Will Battlefront be too much in a VR game? Probably but we’ll still be playing it! Plus thoughts on the Nintendo switch and some classic strategy games.

00:17 – What is Nioh? Mass Effect 3?
03:23 – Injustice predictions…button mashing!
06:24 – Playstation VR sales…perfect for vehicles?War games?!
12:15 – ….or just chess games? Jaysus Playstation, get it together.
14:09 – Ace Combat excitment…and a trip down game-mory lane
17:42 – Alexs’ story about Neary’s rage
20:00 – Nintendo Switch
26:58 – Love strategy games? Halo cracked a console version
29:52 – Console compatibility

Each week we split up the full podcast into these bite-size chunks!

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  1. Ahhhhhhh. I just LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! 🙂 And I'm your No. 1 FAN! 😀 Btw I have a playlist with background music that makes views easily. If you want, check it out. =)


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