Which Video Game Hero Do You Utterly HATE?


Just because you’re on the cover of the game doesn’t mean we need to love you. #ChattyFaces

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  1. Josh's rant about the "Bro Dude" stole this video for me —- personally the hero I hate- Mario, not "Hate" exactly, but ENOUGH ALREADY- we need ZERO more Mario Games- he's been here technically since 1982- Donkey Kong – Late 80's, the original "Mario Bros" in the co-op in the sewers, good- original Super Mario Bros- classic- Super Mario Bros 2, played it many times, Loved it- Super Mario Bros 3- great for it's time- but now- JUST STOP- I don't care, ever- I see a Mario character I don't want to play it, I'm done

  2. Pierce is actually pretty significant in the comics leading up to the game, though they could have put a bit more in the game to highlight that… 6 was stretching a bit too much to start with though 😔

  3. Pierce is actually pretty significant in the comics leading up to the game, though they could have put a bit more in the game to highlight that… 6 was stretching a bit too much to start with though 😔

  4. I started with uncharted 4 right after I finished tomb raider… it might of been the drag of a continuous genre but uncharted you just climbed alot and shot a lil. Blah

  5. Chris is the mentor of Piers and they went on several missions together in the comics or the books. So, Piers was the perfect teammate 😉 Know the lore damnit haha 😛

  6. Duke Nukem was popular for it being a parody of everything while pushing boundaries such as nudity in gaming. Fortunately, the world pushed forward and nude women are plenty in gaming. Now, we need the dicks and balls to rise gentlemen B-)

  7. Ewan: “Uhmm… Nathan Drake?”

    Background voice immediately: ”WHAT THE HELL?”

    Yep, that was my reaction as well. Literally never before have I heard someone disliking Nathan lol.

  8. Uncharted 1 isn't great tbh with you like he said the game did no age well at ALL.

    Uncharted 2 tho it's a banger

  9. By the end of Far Cry 3, not only did Brody have zero redeeming qualities as a game protagonist but the final "moral choice" felt like a pure case of the game devs trolling the player. Neither ending results in any kind of redemption or sense of satisfaction and, to this day, I consider it one of the biggest middle-fingers in all of gaming. I almost wish I had never finished the game so that I could be spared the utter disappointment.

  10. Lightning from FFXIII. She's a sullen, unlikeable, abusive ass. The writers try to justify it with her back story and some cutesy "you have to open up and embrace yourself" garbage, but she just ends up being awful. The fact that her "friends" like her despite having been punched, slapped, insulted, ranted at, etc. makes it even worse. Playing as her made me feel slimy.

  11. I like Uncharted's action but tolerating Nathan Drake is a pain in the ass. I just can't with the douche-titude.

  12. Blake Langermann from Outlast 2. Gets beaten up by geriatric hillbillies and can't fall two feet without nearly breaking his ankles. How he managed to survive to adulthood is anyone's guess.

  13. I didnt dislike but didnt like nathan drake. I flew thru the stories when I was still partying alot and then did 3s multiplayer forever lol. Never got 4 because I started playing my xbox more and just cant remember anything about him.

    Weird reasons to hate him, but I suppose if you prefer a Doom Guy or John 117 character id get it.

  14. I was shocked at first that he didn't like Nathan drake. Thing is, I played uncharted 4 first and loved him as a character, which probably actually made playing through the others more enjoyable.

  15. About resident evil. I thought the 5th game was the most underrated game I’ve ever played. Sure the 4th one is better, but I enjoyed every minute of 5


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